10 of Our Favorite Fitz/Simmons Momments! What Are Some Of Yours?


10 of Our Favorite Fitz/Simmons Momments! What Are Some Of Yours?

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  1. Mine in chronological order (I’m including non-romantic scenes as well, as I really like their friendship / work dynamic too, and I mean, I love them together on the screen in general, but these stand out in my memory):

    1.06 The coming up with the antiserum sequence
    1.22 The 3 pod scenes

    2.05: The scene where they discuss Mack’s “physique” (technically that’s with Halluci-Jemma, but still)
    2.10: that painful scene where Fitz announces that he’ll leave the lab
    2.17: when they smuggle out the toolbox
    2.22: the scene before Fitz leaves to fight on the aircraft carrier, and when he ask her out on a date.

    3.02: The whole sequence rescuing Simmons from Maveth – that was such an intense scene
    3.7: the sunrise watching conversation
    3.17: the who needs space conversation – which ties in so beautifully with this season


    4.12 – their whole dynamics during this episode as LMD Radcliffe keeps rattling Fitz
    4.20 – that last scene in the Framework – it was brutal to watch, but it hit so hard, because they built up this relationship so well
    4.21 – that wordless reunification hug.

    In S5 so far, I was not a huge fan of the two proposals (it was a bit fanfiction territory for me – although I did like the bickering afterward), but I loved:

    the snail eating dinner at Kasius when Simmons stole Fitz’s knife and he covered for her

    when they ran into each other in the corridor

    when Fitz pulled out the ear implant

    and the almost kiss on the trawler.


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