100th episode characters


It seems 100th episode is the infinity war of agents of shield. Before the trailor there were leaks of which characters made the cut and we see similar (in a much lower capacity) of those that will appear in the 100th episode.. hive, davis, lash, possibly ghost rider. Maybe we will see in some capacity or other, characters past in a cameo or so. Just imagine if all our other favorites like hunter(again), bobby, aida, radcliffe, mace, raina, koenings, trip, daisy’s dad etc etc and tributes to those who passed during filming were able to be shown. That would make the 100th episode truly memorable. I hope it beats self control as the best aos episode ever…2 weeks to go.

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  1. Yeah, Coulson will be dying and seeing flashbacks of all his life. After he dies, he is welcome in afterlife by those he helped.


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