A few thoughts about Fury: My War Gone By, Born, and Welcome Back Frank.


So I did it. I spent a bunch of money on comic books and just dove head first in Punishier Max. I got those three books under my belt here’s some thoughts I had on them.

Fury, while I get this isn’t a Punisher story it’s Ennis and ties directly into Born. I’ll keep my comments on this short because of that. Just say that it shows what I believe to be a great incite into Frank’s psychology and Nicks for that matter. They are cogs of the same wheel. Nick is stuck fighting shadow wars even though he is most at home surrounded with nothing but a Colt in his hands. There is a moment though when they think the man capturing them might end the war. This is the first time in the series that Fank admits verbally that he needs the war and death.

Born, This is where the cracks start to form and where Frank takes a major left turn from Nick. Nick Fury breaks the law but follows the rules. American interests are his number one priority even if that means a scumbag is carrying them out. It’s not his place to judge. Frank on the other hand he really comes into his own here. Killing other marines and a general because they wanted to end the war or because they are incompente or violated some kinda rule to Frank. Welcoming in the darkness at the end he fully accepts his own code. I’m generally curious what would have happened to Ennis Punisher had his family not been killed when he got home.

Welcome Back Frank, Man this one was really good. I could say alot but I’ll stick to one main point. Well two only because I have to say I love Soap to death hah as a outcast I relate to him a bunch. Not to sure how I feel about him blackmailing his way to the commissioner seat. Can’t wait to see how that pans out in later books. Here’s my main point though. So there is a part in The Dark Knight, at the end Commissioner Gordon and Batman are standing on the police department roof talking about the joker. He says something along the lines of “We buy bullet proof vests, they buy armor pearseing bullets, you start jumping off buildings the joker shows up”. So here’s the thing the joker is a bad guy no questions asked. The string of vigilantism in the city we see in Welcome Back Frank isn’t so cut and dry. You start saying things like Frank would never do that and oh that guy wasn’t that bad. The whole while this is making you realize that Frank walks a razor thin line between justice/punishment and plain cold blooded murder. Ennis is not afraid to show you to highlight the fact that Frank maybe isn’t a good guy. More importantly Frank knows this and many times he himself questions who he is becoming.

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  1. Congrats friend! You should definitely keep reading MAX in order, (Welcome Back Frank is still Ennis, but it is 616 Punisher ((marvel knights)) before MAX came out).

    “Im genuinely curious what would have happened to Ennis Punisher had his family not been killed…” this is exactly how Ennis wants you to feel and is explored more later, keep reading.

    Soap is a great character, wish they would add him to the show!

    The thing is Batman could never trust himself to kill, he doesnt trust his own willpower or sanity, which is why he can never do what needs to be done against the Joker.

    While the vacuum is always filled by new crime, Punisher provides the civilians daily relief from the monsters plaguing them. He knows what he is, he doesnt try to hide his face or rehabilitate them. The system fails and they go on to hurt others in his eyes. So there is only one solution.

    I highly recommend getting Punisher: Year One (basically the comic of the show), Punisher MAX: In the Beginning (this is the next after Born and catches the reader up to the current Castle), and Punisher MAX: Kitchen Irish (this is next after In The Beginning, and they used elements from this in DDS2). Also keep reading that Marvel Knights run if you enjoyed the scenes of DD and Punisher in DDS2.


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