A little thing that bothers me about Black Panther


The hand of Ulysses Klau, looks so plastic and robotic while you know, we have Coulson and his cutting edge not-so robotic hand.

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  1. Klaue’s hand wasn’t built by Fitz. I think it’s really just a sonic device and a vibranium gun put inside a rudimentary hand by a black market or criminal weaponsmith, and wouldn’t be SHIELD perfection.

  2. Klau probably likes it that way. He strikes me as the sort who would go for a rugged aesthetic.

  3. Personally I loved it.

    Klau wouldn’t have the deep resources needed for a more realistic hand. Nothing the guy had in either movie said “high tech” – rather just function, no form.

  4. klau isnt sonic claw for no reason. After meeting with a vibranium robot who chopped my arm off, I would want a bazooka in my arm too.

  5. Different design aesthetics. Certainly, making it look like a real hand would probably not have been the most difficult aspect of the whole thing compared to having it shoot sonic blasts or whatever.

    BTW, the timing of this movie is shortly after Civil War, right? Essentially, there would have been no way to tie in even if they had wanted to?

  6. Fitz worked hard to make Coulsons hand look real. Klaw though repurposed his from other tech and value function over form.


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