Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is now Marvel’s highest rated TV show on Rotten Tomatoes


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is now Marvel’s highest rated TV show on Rotten Tomatoes

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  1. While these ratings are notoriously unreliable, it is quite well deserved. I think it’s definitely the best Marvel Tv show.

  2. Shame that The Punisher isn’t so high. I get the distaste for death and whatever but it was just so goddamn good when I watched it

  3. But the second highest rating is for Luke Cage, that makes me feel like these ratings are suspect…

  4. This season has been amazing, I’m not surprised. This is one of those shows that somehow gets better and better each season.

  5. It really is a shame that the first 16 episodes aren’t that good, I can’t imagine how many people permanently stopped watching due to them, or how many people never gave it a chance after seeing it’s severely undeserving 7.5 on imdb.

  6. The distance in rating between the good and bad shows is quite striking: #10 is The Punisher with 62 %, #11 is Iron Fist with 19 %.

    Though I guess that’s a consequence of RT’s binary system of “a critic either likes the show, or they don’t, there’s nothing in between”.

  7. I don’t usually agree with Rotten Tomatoes but I am glad that AoS is finally being recognized as one of the better Marvel series that are out there that has steadily improved each season for the most part

  8. Pretty deserving of the rating. When i look at the entire series , I find it to be awesome .
    The only tims I wasn’t a fan was the ward being hive arc. The rest was just too awesome . Also contradictory to most others , i loved the first 16 episodes from s1 as the show looked more connected to the MCU.
    I would rate it above all the dctv shows which I also love , just not as much .
    As to the netflix series I started with iron fist and that made me not want to watch much else from the Netflix ones. Carter was pretty good too. I did want the Most Wanted spin-off though. Cuz Hunter and Bobbie were my favorite characters.

  9. I still think Daredevil’s the best, but the last few season of AoS have been excellent. I think season 2 of DD gets unfairly labelled as weak, even though the first half of it is very strong. Once the hand shows up it drops off for sure, but the early scenes with DD and the Punisher are super compelling.

    My list would be Daredevil number one, with AoS and The Punisher tied for second, and Jessica Jones just a bit behind those. All excellent shows and I think there’s a good argument for each of them to be the best. Then there’s a bit of a drop-off imo to Luke Cage and the Defenders, and then a massive drop-off to Iron Fist.

    I haven’t finished Legion yet but what I’ve seen seems like it has a lot of promise, and the cast is great.

  10. about high time that AoS gets some good PR. they’ve been hitting it out of the ballpark since the latter half of S2.

    honestly, i’d rather have AoS moved to Netflix or whatever streaming service Marvel wants to use. that way they dont have to worry about network idiocy that affects how they tell a story. would probably have a more decent budget too.

  11. Number 5 for Agent Carter…I can’t believe it was cancelled. Such a good slow and so unique in it’s pacing compared to the other Marvel shows! The cast was also terrific!

  12. I remember when first watching the show and not really liking it all that much. As soon as the second Captain America movie came out, it completely changed the show and made it way way better. I was almost at the point of quitting the show before that, and since then I love it.

    The other marvel shows on Netflix haven’t been that great IMO. They are way too slow moving. Whole episodes go by with not much happening. And I’d have to say Luke Cage is my least favorite one, my favorite Netflix one is probably Jessica Jones, but that’s mostly for the bad guy in it.

  13. I stopped watching after that episode where they go save Simmons from the portal and she meets that space man. It really turned me off cuz everyone was hyping up that episode and I felt like it was trash. Does the show get better after that?

  14. Great. They deserve it! Show is amazing. I hope get renewed. Disney must force ABC to make a season 6

  15. Definitely an excellent show, but of the ones on the list that I’ve seen, I’d rank them:

    1. Legion
    2. Jessica Jones
    3. SHIELD
    4. Daredevil (season 1 would be higher, but dragged down by season 2)
    5. Agent Carter
    6. The Punisher
    7. Luke Cage
    8. The Defenders

    Gave up on Iron Fist and Inhumans after 2-3 episodes, so they would probably be on the bottom, but I don’t think it’s fair rating them since I haven’t seen the entire thing. Haven’t watched Runaways or The Gifted.

  16. Weird. I thought it should’ve been since S2. What other Marvel shows would be rated higher? (Aside from Netflix shows I guess)

  17. Gotta love Agents. It’s the one thing where anything can happen…and it does.

    To think…I thought it was bland when it first started and was one episode from giving up when it all got…brilliant!

  18. Not surprising, as it has developed into a extremely good show, all on it’s own.

    Too bad Marvel refuses to acknowledge it. As opposed to the Defenders, AoS has direct tie-ins with the Avengers, yet there is not even as much as a mention in any of the movies…

  19. That’s pretty surprising considering just how good Daredevil is. But I do love me some shield so it’s not like a total fluke or something.

  20. Those scores are all off. Luke Cage above Jessica Jones and DD?? No way.

    * JJ
    * DD
    * Legion
    * SHIELD
    * Punisher
    * LC
    * Agent Carter
    * Inconsequential

  21. Probably going to get down voted, but Daredevil is a stronger show. I don’t understand why the rating is so low. AoS has been excellent ever since The Winter Soldier crossover, but Daredevil has been exceptionally strong from the start. And to be honest Luke Cage was only good for the first half. It got really silly afterwards… like Iron Fist silly, so not sure how thats rated so high either. Agreed on the Inhumans rating though. Thats the worst thing the MCU has ever conceived.

  22. Legion is in a different league of quality to all these shows. If you haven’t seen it you should do yourself a favour and watch it asap. Episode 7 in particular is one of the TV highlights of 2017


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