Alisa had a good point actually


She was right when she had her chit chat with Trish and said Trish did everything she did because Jessica has powers while she doesn’t, which she can’t stand

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  1. There’s nothing like a good cause to bring out the worst in people.
    What pushed Trish over the edge was an utter devotion and conviction that SHE could do the right thing. She could make things “better,” do things the “right way.”
    She’s dangerous now.

  2. So you’re saying Trish had long running ambitions of wanting powers that mixed in with her addiction withdrawals made her desperate to seek them out at any cost?

  3. I really hope Trish turns out to be one of those Villans that think they’re doing everyting for the better of mankind, that way Jessica could kill her and be over with it.

  4. She was right. But she also had no Earthly way of deducing that. She had never even met Trish. She had originally planned to meet her in that bar to kill her because her entire scheme was killing that investigation.

    That she was right was either a coincidence steeped in her general feeling people would envy her powers, or was bad writing.

  5. well Trash is the real villain of season 2..think about it.without Trash Alisa would have gone to jail.The doc would have been in Aruba or whatever and everything would have been right in the world. but because of her a very nice prison guard died.a police woman died.who knows how many people died.then she killed Alisa in cold blood and what is her biggest reaction? look i can pick up my phone with my shoe.

    I swear to god i will just quit JJ if they make her have a redemption arc in season 3 and suddenly its all forgiven. Jessica is going insane over killing Killgrave and that psychopath guard who killed other inmates and Trash is like oh i killed people? lol that is so awesome,i am such a great hero.

    i hope in season 3 she goes against jessica and just gets wrecked so hard to remind her of her place in the super world. Even better if her mother is there and gets some broken bones as an extra..turns out we hated her mom in season 1 and Trash has been the embodiment of her mother since day one.

  6. I think the idea they’re going for is that Trish has envied Jessica. Like, she’s always been an addict. This wasn’t so heavily focused on in the first season, given the Kilgrave conflict, but, well, [this Tumblr poster described it best]( addicts, even those who’ve been stone clean for years, can have relapses. And just getting a taste of Simpson’s drugs was probably enough to trigger a relapse for Trish.

  7. /u/dmreif want me to post what you stole *word by word* from my best friend’s tumblr? And all the other comments you’ve stolen from her, and many other tumblr users these past 2 years; users who are actually capable of writing analysis of their own?

    For someone who talks so much about feminism you sure like to steal women’s words and pass them off as your own on Reddit for karma.

    The comments in this thread you wrote were not yours, and you know it.


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