Any characters you’d like to see join the Gang Next Season ?


Current Characters
1.Sara. Potential characters leaving
2.Wally. 1.amaya

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  1. Doctor Fate. We saw his helmet in an earlier season, as well as in the Constantine show. He wouldn’t work out full time, though.

  2. Nobody has any love for Ragman? He was my favorite of the new Arrow characters in season 5 but he ended up having the least screentime and left halfway through. I would love to see him join the legends, especially since we need someone who can absorb atomic bombs now that firestorm is gone.

  3. Can’t really see Mick leaving. Like, what’s he gonna do, go back to a life of crime? Just live a mundane life? I feel that Mick, Sara and Ray are gonna be permanent members. Amaya’s probably gonna permanently leave, and since they seem down to change the future now, she’ll probably take Nate with her.

    I’d love for them to add in Ralph. If he’s not gonna be a member of team flash next season, it’ll be a waste to just write him off. ALso he’s not too overpowered for the team.

    If they could bring back Connor Hawke as well that’d be great. If they could have a mini-crossover and temporarily bring in Caitlin or Cisco, or maybe Roy, Thea, Wild Dog or Black Canary that’d be cool too.

    It’d be great if they introduced Ryan Choi (the current Atom in DC Rebirth). It’d be awesome if Ray got a sidekick.

  4. Ralph, Roy, Constantine, Nyssa, Thea, Wally (full-time), Revive Laurel and keep her her on the waverider somehow, Deathstroke, Zantanna

  5. I think Vibe would be good, with recent episodes of the Flash we saw Barry being smarter and a lot of people myself included loved that. I think taking Cisco off the Flash would allow us to see more of that and maybe Barry invent some of his own stuff like the Flash Ring as he should, and i even think Star Labs has been around for too long despite nearly going bankrupt. plus with Cisco on Legends we can have multiverse shenanigans mixed into the already shenaniganful show, or even multiverse time travel, like the history of earth 2.

  6. I know this doesn’t exactly answer your question but I would love to see an episode wherein Dick Grayson makes a guest appearance. Near the episode, one of the Legends could attempt to recruit him and he could be like “no thanks, I’m already forming a team of my own. (teen titans reference). Tried the sidekick gig once, didnt work out well for me. (Batman reference).

  7. It doesn’t have to be permanent, but I’d really love to see at least one episode with Mari’s Vixen.


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