Anyone Else A Little Worried About S2?


David Tennant was such a powerful part of this first season. I have no complaints about the acting of the other people on the show, but hot damn he was an amazing villain.

Anyone else a little worried that S2 won’t be able to surpass S1 because he’s done and gone? Anyone else hoping that maybe Jessica goes a bit mental and we have moments where Kilgrave shows up as delusions in her head and has full length conversations with her until she lays his ghost to rest or w/e?

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  1. So far all the villians in the Marvel Netflix shows have been amazing, and based on the DD Season 2 trailer it looks likely for that to continue. I’m not worried at all that they’ll have a great villian that contributes well to the show.

  2. Nope. Kilgrave was a great villain and David Tennant is one of my all-time favorite actors. He was superb!
    But I think the writers are good enough to come up with a different villain who is equally compelling for the next season. Also, even if the villain is not as interesting, we will get to see more character development for Jessica and Trish and the rest of the team. For me, the character dynamics are always more interesting that the battle between the heroes and the villains.

  3. Tennant did a great job, but he barely appeared at all in the first few episodes and they were excellent.

    I’m hoping he’ll come back for various dreams and PTSD flashbacks. He’s a big part of Jessica, and that’s not changing any time soon.

  4. I thought Tennant was amazing in the first season but I may be of a small minority that I’m happy his story is now finished. I hope he doesn’t appear as visions or anything at all in season 2. I got sick of him by the end of the season. So I hope that JJ is done with that and doesn’t have ptsd or anything from him anymore.

  5. It seems likely Nuke will be the (or a) major antagonist in S2, and I think he will continue to play well of off Jessica and Trish.

    I’m not worried.

  6. I’m trying to keep an open mind and I’ll definitely give it a chance. That said if I try to imagine watching season one with no Tennant it just seems terrible. I’ve never been a fan of anti-heroes but honestly JJ just comes off like a rude asshole a lot in the show. I get that they are trying to make it some kind of PTSD where she tries to make everyone hate her. For season 2 I do hope they make the character a little more willing to not hate the world.

    It seems like they wanted to make Nuke the villain in S2 and to be frank I don’t like the character in the comic at all. On the show I actually liked him a lot before he went nuts. He seemed like he had good motivations and was one of the only one smart enough to understand Kilgrave had to die. After he started taking the pills (that magically metabolize instantly) he was just annoying and silly.

    In S2 I’d like to see JJ prepare herself to become part of a team (as they seem to have planned) and stop being so angry at everyone. Other than that they will need to add a villain as interesting as Kilgrave was to keep me watching.

  7. Well, if it’s anything like the comics, Jessica Jones will become a columnist for a major newspaper, solve another reporter’s murder, and end up fighting the Green Goblin while pregnant.

  8. Not really but I do see the concern because without the Avengers I’m hard pressed to think of good villains that are Jessica Jones specific. Theres some from Alias and The Pulse that can be retooled but they’d have to go through a lot of new territory that can hold up for a season.

  9. My biggest concern is Marvel Studios’ tendency to kill off their villains. Kilgrave was an excellent villain, and I feel they should have ended the season with some high security incarceration (maybe an assist from S.H.I.E.L.D). I think the show will still be solid next season, but down the line killing off prominent villains will hurt these shows

  10. I’m a little worried too honestly! But I’m going to trust the writers behind the show, because all of the major villains in the Marvel/Netlfix shows are the best villains in the MCU next to Loki!

    Maybe instead of bringing in a new villain, the writers could bring in Wilson Fisk and have him cross paths with Jessica, making him a new adversary for her whose connected to Daredevil! That would be a great way for those two to meet before The Defenders (if this season comes before that show)!

  11. no. why would i be worried? it’s just a TV show. the first season was great, and if the second isn’t as great, well no biggie

  12. I thought season 1 started awesome, and then fell apart so hard, i wouldn’t care if there is a season 2 or not at this point. Tennant was pretty much the only reason to keep watching. The writing with every other character and storyline was such a mess, i would hope they either learn or get new ones for season 2.


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