Arrow S6E13 “The Devil’s Greatest Trick” Episode Discussion


**Synopsis:** CAYDEN JAMES LAUNCHES A FULL OUT ATTACK — Cayden James (guest star Michael Emerson) discovers a secret about the Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) that pushes him over the edge. Knowing everyone and everything he loves is in danger, Oliver must decide if he can do this alone or if he needs to turn to his old teammates for help.

Director: J.J. Makaro

Written By: Sarah Tarkoff & Emilio Ortega Aldrich

**Main Cast:**

* [Stephen Amell]( as Oliver Queen

* [David Ramsey]( as John Diggle

* [Willa Holland]( as Thea Queen

* [Paul Blackthorne]( as Quentin Lance

* [Emily Bett Rickards]( as Felicity Smoak

* [Echo Kellum]( as Curtis Holt

* [Rick Gonzalez]( as Rene Ramirez

* [Juliana Harkavy]( as Dinah Drake

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  1. William: “I can’t believe he was ready to blow up the whole city.”

    Oliver: “Yeah… He lost his boy. I don’t even want to imag… well… (sigh) …yeah.”

    Favorite writing moment/performance moment by Stephen Amell of the night. I love these father/son moments with Oliver and William.

  2. Why do I get the feeling that Quentin is gonna take Black Siren to some remote cabin in the woods,tie her up,and start brainwashing her to make her believe that she’s HIS daughter?

  3. Loved this episode! Had a lot to it and pushed a lot of things forward! Can’t wait to see how this new villain development is going to go. I wondered why he was in the background so much, but I like that Dragon was just waiting for things to play out a little while longer.

    This was the first episode in which the NTA really upset me. They can never take a win and be ok with it. They feel the need to be self-righteous in their decisions, which with the current situation, doesn’t make sense. I definitely think next episode is going to be great because we’re finally going to get all of this tension out and into some fights. At this point, it will probably help more than hurt.

    Even with that minor annoyance, I can’t wait to see what happens! Can’t believe we’re on a break again til March!

  4. Ok i am betting Cayden dies tonight.

    Its not even Lance’s kid and he cares more about her than his friends.

    That Flash cameo was really sweet. It played well, did some nice world building.

    Dinah is so much better than Laurel it isn’t even a contest.

    Thank God someone put Lance down.

    It’s obvious that this hacker girl is a pure black hat.

    That William is a little shit. Nope sorry, that’s bad writing.

    It was me, Austin! It was me all along!

    Lance…..this is pathetic and sad and your character is just completely dead

  5. I was (and still am) a supporter of the other team leaving – I thought they were completely in the right for leaving, and I enjoy their dynamic as a separate team for the most part. But the writers feel the need to justify it every week with the usual “This doesn’t change anything” line, when I think most of the audience either gets it, or is tired of it. Just have them be two teams – the audience knows why already- they don’t need constant annoying reminders.

  6. Diaz just lacks all punch. Not that James was some masterpiece of a villain but it just comes out of left field. It would have been nice to have some hints as to Diaz being a little more sophisticated than just having it dropped out there.

  7. I know I keep saying it but Dinah is by far the worst thing about Arrow everything about her pisses me off how hypocritical she is how selfish she is it’s okay for her to lie to the team when she was talkin it to vigilante behind their backs but Oliver not telling something is completely wrong to her it’s okay that vigilante killed all those people and can make amends but to her Laurel black siren can’t do the same everything about Dinah is hypocritical and whiny and b***** and I can’t wait until she dies we’re just leaves she does not deserve the Black Canary title because she’s mad she doesn’t want to give Lance the chance to help black siren but she wanted the chance to help Vincent before he worked his ass off as she said to make amends before he worked his ass off he was in the same position as black siren and Dinah doesn’t want to give her the chance to do the same hypocrite. And I really hope at some point either John or Oliver punch Renee in his mouth for all his b******* comments and attitude that he has towards them for no f****** reason he needs to get shot in the leg again with the f****** Arrow the little piece of s*** Curtis seems to be the only one that’s trying to work with everyone and keep s*** okay I was mad at him too for taking the training and everything from Oliver and then bouncing out on him because they didn’t like the chain of command that day agreed to in the first place I’m sorry but all the newbies need to be killed or written out somehow and it needs to go back to Oliver John and Felicity maybe bring Roy back and do his drug addict storyline or something to bring it back to the streets


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