Dan Stevens talks about LEGION Season 2 in new interview


Dan Stevens talks about LEGION Season 2 in new interview

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  1. “It is. We’ve incorporated the move into the landscape of the show. We’ve gone from the rainforests of British Columbia to the arid Mojave Desert, so the show takes on a different turn. There’s a lot of darkness that’s coming with that, but also the music is blowing my mind, this season. As you’ve seen, we have more dance involved. It just gets more and more playful. I love it!

    Syd and David are going through a lot. There’s a huge issue of trust, which comes in. That’s also at the heart of Permission. Trust, in a relationship, is an interesting thing to explore. In Legion, particularly, we explore it in a very abstract and epic and insane psionic way. Permissionis a little bit more down to earth, I suppose. It’s a deeply romantic, beautiful film, and I’m very proud of it. It evokes something that’s at the heart of relationships. That’s what a good romantic comedy should do. For all of its silliness and weirdness, at the end of the day, there’s a beautiful relationship there, that we all want to believe in and that we want to believe exists, and does exist. If we’ve gotten to experience one of those relationships in our life, then we’re very lucky and probably luckier than a lot of people.”


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