Everyone likes to say Barry is fu***ng the timeline.


But man is Sarah doing her best to have sex in every time period.

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  1. Thats because Barry is notorious for breaking functioning timelines all the while spewing shit about maintaining the timeline. Legends are contantly trying to fix things, most of the time they end up making things worse but all together they do try to fix things and often not for selfish reasons like Barry.

    Sara wont go back and save Laurel but will save others and sleep around. Barry will go back and save his parents a million times but wont go save ciscos brother which is his fault anyways.

    That all being said. Yeah every time i see a female character in a new time period i almost always assume Sara is going to hook up with her

  2. Legends causes all sorts of havoc, even worse than Barry. Stein created his daughter, which is the opposite but sort of equivalent to saving Barry’s mother.

    When they were trying to be stealthy in DC then got caught, I just facepalmed. When reverse-flash appeared in the finale, he could/should have killed all two teams of legends alone, but plot armor. Literally no reason to keep any of them alive, just put hand through the hearts of each of them and insta-win. He didn’t even need his army of RF, oh and captain steele hitting one of them makes absolutely no sense.

    Thing is with this show, you just can’t and shouldn’t apply logic. It’s nice just to watch for fun to relax, but not for thinking too much.

    The CW shows have a lot of plotholes and plot armor, if I’d compare it to a show like Agents of Shield the only plot armor is lack of interaction with the MCU but otherwise its own plot is solid. The story makes sense in its world, the fight scenes make sense. No nerfing or anything, in fact Agents are always in a rough situation that’s not easily fixed/solved. Flash could solve the entire season for Flash and Arrow in a few episodes if done correctly; lock up devoe early on or even travel back in time then just go and tie up all the human enemies on Arrow’s side (like when he went to Nanda Parbat, and just tied/knocked out all those assassins).

    If Flash lived in Arrow’s city, he’d clean up all those guys without even having to try.

  3. Humans have had sex in every timeline, so why shouldn’t Sara?
    She certainly knows what changes can happen in time if things are done wrong, so she would be having timeline-safe sex.


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