My favorite character is Sam i love him so much he is hot, sweet, sensitive, smart, brave, badass…. he is Sam fucking Winchester 😍😍😍
My least favorite character is Castiel once i used to like him (seasons 4,5) but now he bores me to tears.

Your opinions?

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  1. Winchester’s don’t count. They’re favorites by default. Favorite of all time? Right now Jack is taking the cake, but Bobby wins my heart. Least favorite? Hmmm. Really hated Grandpa Samuel. Also, all the lame angel business suit soldiers. Gag.

  2. Favorite(s), not including the brothers, are Jo, Ellen, and Bobby.

    Character who i hated and had most punchable face was Samuel. His character was a worthless, backstabbing piece of shit in what was arguably the worst season. Cas the last few seasons is probably my least favorite character.

    The one character i couldn’t stand at first but grew on me over the course of a few seasons was Rowena.

  3. I can’t name just one favorite character. I tried, I failed.
    Least Favorite: Another vote for Samuel.

  4. My favorite character is Sam too, but I’d have to say my favorite non-Winchester character is Cas (it’s not his fault people write him poorly).

    Least favorite character is by far Mary. Why did they have to bring her back? I feel like, for me at least, it has a lot to do with the actress and the fact that Mary is such a selfish asshole; she doesn’t care about anyone or anything other than herself. I’ve been so happy that she’s barely been in this season. Hallelujah!

  5. Favorite excluding the brothers is Jack right now.
    Least favorite: Mary. I want her gone. She adds nothing after Dean blew up on her now she can go.
    And if we’re taking dead people the least favorite is Metatron’s trash ass followed closely by Samuel, then Amelia. Metatron would not die for the love of God. Samuel is fake and irrelevant. Amelia and Sam had no chemistry it was slightly cringe. Glad he left her ass.

  6. If we leave sam and dean out, Bobby is by far my fav. As for most disliked? That’s tough because I’m pretty easy going but Claire really grates on my nerves. But that could just be a sign that I’m getting old lol.

  7. Dean is definitely my favorite but outside the brothers my favorite character is either Gabriel or Nick!Lucifer. My least favorite is either Billie or Vince!Lucifer.

  8. Best: Dean
    Worst: Memetron before his attempt to redeem himself, or maybe the literal who leaders of the angel factions during S9

  9. Favourite: Dean / Favourite non-Winchester: Castiel, Crowley and Bobby. Least favourite: Samuel and Metatron. Also Garth, but I came to like him later… (sorry, couldn’t just pick one…)

  10. Favorite: Aside from the obvious choice of Sam or Dean, it’s definitely a tie between Bobby and Meg.

    Least favorite: Jody. I can not stand her.


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