High School Poppycock predictions?


What’s everyone thinking/hoping is gonna happen in the next episode?

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  1. I think Lucifer will get back his devil face and Chloe will find out about his real personality.
    This gonna be something huge because after this episode lucifer will return this april

  2. I am hoping that it plays out like everyone is predicting, Chloe falls from the penthouse and Luci catches her with his wings and then his secret is out and there’s no unconsciousness or anything.

    I have a fear that people have extrapolated too much from some pictures and there will be no reveal.

  3. I am going to lower my expectation so that I can be pleasantly surprised.

    I think Chloe will fall and Lucifer will catch her but she will faint or something so she won’t be sure if it was real or not.


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