How to kill cain?


Let look back and think about the sword which opened the gate to send Lucifer’s mother out of earth. It could be using for killing him. How Lucifer could get it back? Perhaps his mother will be back.
What do you thinks?

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  1. The blade has like a 99% chance of not being the right answer. The problem is that while in theory it fits as a practical solution (when ignoring that it requires the blade to get to the blade) the main problem is just that it doesn’t make any narrative sense.

    The solution to cains problem will be something to do with lucifers character arc over the season. Something to do with his wings and devil face business. It’ll also probably tie in with amenedial and his whole “god is testing me” or whatever that’s supposed to be about.

    Maybe lucifer can heal him with use of his wings, and god took amenedials wings so it *had* to be lucifer. So lucifer has to accept and use his angelic power again in order to fufil his deal (reconciling both aspects of himself). But that’s just an off the cuff thought, there’s probably a better plan than that

  2. What happens when an unstopable object hits an unmovable one?

    There won’t be a solution without god, so he must allow Cain to die

  3. Maybe Lucifer will have to admit defeat and break his word. Maybe that will be the key to Cain’s death.

  4. Cain said he wanted to die, and he need’s Lucifer’s help to do it.

    The finale, in my current theory, is that Lucifer doesn’t kill him at all, because after all—he is immortal. So, now what? Instead of Lucifer killing him, he flies him to heaven. Chloe sees this, and is freaked.

    So on and so forth…

  5. I feel like his mark will be a vital part, also didn’t he say he used to keep cutting it in since healing would erase it? Maybe because he stills feels guilty in some way, remove that guilt(or just stop him from cutting the mark) and it has a chance.


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