I hope S2E7 is the only blemish on an otherwise perfect show


I never want to see 008 or her stupid gang again

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  1. Unpopular opinion: I loved *The Lost Sister* and thought it played perfectly into the Stranger Things 80s nostalgia world. Even the shallow, poorly developed characters are a hallmark of a certain kind of film from that era, and El’s emotional development was incredible.

  2. Kali is most likely coming back in some way, which I’m all for because I can see many ways in how they can take her arc as I find her to be a very interesting character.
    I definitely see the gang being written off for s3. Considering how they were left off on the run with their base of operations being found by the police. Events can happen during the time skip that can result in Kali being on her own by the time s3 begins.

  3. The biggest problem I had with that episode is how rushed everything seemed. We never really got to know any of the characters, not even Kali. We didn’t really get a way to empathise with any of them.

    The points where we should have seen Eleven bonding with them were all crammed into a brief talk with Kali and a montage for everyone else. It could have been handled very differently and have worked so much better.

  4. It could have been better I think if they got rid of the extra characters and just focused on 008, and made it a revenge story or something

  5. I think it served it’s purpose well. Eleven’s brat pubescent behavior wouldn’t see an end if it weren’t for those punks. She realized her who her real ‘family’ means. AAAAND WE GOT THE BITCHIN’ LOOK

  6. The episode seemed so forced and the characters shoehorned in at the start. Felt like it came from nowhere and left before we could care about it.


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