I just finished the final episode of S1. I am extremely disappointed.


My roommate and I have been watching an episode of Legion each night for the past week or so. Every episode has left us more excited than the last. The cinematography was phenomenal, the soundtrack amazing, the characters compelling, and the acting top notch. Tonight we decided to watch episodes 7 and 8 together.

We have never been so disappointed in a show.

There wasn’t anything specifically wrong with episode 7, mind you, we just weren’t fans of the stylistic choices (and our favorite character was strangely absent right up until the very end). Episode 8, however, was a different beast. It felt like the whole show was written, directed, shot, and edited by one team that had vision and knew exactly what they wanted to do with every single scene, but for episode 8 they threw out all the previous team, brought in a new team, and gave them extremely rough notes of what the original team had planned for the episode.

I loved the overall plot of the episode, which can be summarized thusly: in trying to free David from the Shadow King’s control, the Shadow King is accidentally realeased into Oliver, forcing the mutants and division 3 into an uneasy alliance to combat a common enemy. I fuck with that premise heavy. That’s some good shit, and it should have made for an exciting episode.

The execution was awful. It was horrid. It did not at all compare to any other episode in the previous season. It felt like I was watching a different show than the one that I had just spent the last week enjoying. The pacing was awful, the characters acted completely idiotically, and the cinematography was boring. I felt like I was watching a CW drama like the Flash, especially with the way David and the Shadow King charged at each other at the end.

To put it simply, I thought the season finale was uninspired, and frankly, this show deserved better.

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  1. Episode 8 is very anti-climactic coming off of episode 7 which was the climax of the season and had some great moments like the incredible Bolero sequence. I think a lot of people on this sub will agree that the finale is one of the weakest episodes, if not the weakest. It felt like they had a general idea of where they wanted things to go in the finale but ultimately like you said, they executed it poorly. It felt rushed. That being said, next season seems a lot more open ended and will be taking place in more locations so I think they’ll have more room to avoid repeating their mistakes from the S1 finale. Hawley knows what he’s doing, and he’s had more time to ruminate on the characters and plot since then.


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