I think the “shocking” “happy” moment in episode 100 is a… (possible spoiler)


FitzSimmons baby.


A wedding wouldn’t be shocking, and honestly I don’t want to see a wedding on AOS. But a “we’re having a baby” moment would be sweet.

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  1. I think it’s the wedding. AoS has a history of teasing something “HUGE” and most of the time I’m kinda let down (I figured out the whole Mr. Hyde and Daisy thing pretty early on). I can’t honestly think of anything else. And please leave Ward where he is

  2. For me with how the plot has been going, neither a baby, nor a wedding would be too shocking. I’m not keen on either, as it doesn’t fit well narratively into the middle of the disaster, but as long as they don’t make it a big, prolonged thing, it’s fine. (And I do love FitzSimmons, as a couple and as individuals, and I’m happy for them, I just don’t want their couple thing to take up their entire screen-time like in S3 is all)

    Frankly, 100th episode should be team focused, and that’s what I’m betting it’s going to be.

  3. Eh. I don’t think it’s a wedding. I find it hard to picture them getting married I’m the middle of this whole disaster 😂

  4. I think it’s gonna be Phil and May deciding to retire from Shield and finally get some peace. (Something will go terribly wrong of course) but it will be happy for a moment.


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