I think this is the moment when many (including myself) fell in love


I think this is the moment when many (including myself) fell in love

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  1. Kendra “Savage is dead but we gotta get going now”

    Rip “Sure thing, but I’m keeping both your costumes for no reason what so ever”

  2. The whole montage was super cute, but this was the cherry on an already fantastic ice cream sundae.

  3. I am the Minority.

    I already thought her to be part of the Team. Like a full fledged member. I was wrong.

    I guess it took more to win others over.

    I am just happy that “she uis part of the Team now”

    Great episode. Actually one of my faves. I just had no Idea that people thought she was not a Full team member yet —Looks confusedly at writing team.

  4. I fell in love when I saw a promo where they seemed to be getting a new team member. Then she betrayed them and I wasn’t sure. Then the ET episode happened and I’ve been in love ever since.

  5. i’ve been loving zari ever since she came onto the show, but this last episode has made me like her sooo much more.

  6. Great episode in general, much needed focus on Zari’s character. She’s been sort of glossed over since bringing her on board.


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