If you could write one episode making a significant impact on the series what would the episode be about?


I’d personally love an episode where they go into heaven to rescue someone again and bring Charlie back to fucking life.

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  1. One where they find out that the Winchesters are famous OUTSIDE of hunting just because they’ve saved so many. I mean, with the internet… ya really think NONE of them are on Reddit?

    “Reddit, I can’t sleep. Tell me your crazy story that no one believes.”

    “I was once saved from this crazy monster-looking thing with fangs and like, foot long claws by these two dudes in a black classic car.”

    “What? No WAY. My sister swears up and down that two dudes and a guy in a trench coat saved her life and then drove off in a black old Chevy!”

    “Were they wearing lots of plaid? ‘Cuz nobody believes me, but they saved me from a ghost.”

    “Holy shit, you guys. I thought that was a dream.”

  2. Corny but, they finally spring Adam’s soul from the cage and set it free in heaven.
    Also, they get Bobby out of heaven-jail. And while up there, they run into familiar faces of the past.

  3. Ben Braeden gets pulled into the hunting life anyway despite his memory wipe. We later find out he’s Dean’s biological son. Ben and his friends then proceed to carry the show for the new generation starting 2025 or something.

  4. They reveal Gabriel is still alive and has just been doing his thing all this time. He shows up because he needs something from Michael but can’t get in the cage. Sam and Dean help him locate the Book of the Damned or something to open it, and they free Adam along with Michael. Gabriel gets his thing, thanks them, and before he goes he uses his OP ArchAngel powers to bring a couple people like Charlie, Bobby, and John back. He leaves, and implies that they’ll meet “The Trickster” again. In the last ten minutes, they reunite with their friends and the episode ends with Lucifer attacking the bunker, having regained most of his powers, trying to get Jack (And the broken Colt) to prepare for Alt-Michael.

  5. RL issues aside, before the series ends we need to bring back
    Crowley to redeem the pointless end that is currently cannon.

  6. OP brings up a strange thought. Would people WANT to be “rescued” from Heaven? I mean, it’s their own personal Heaven, they’d be happy and never in danger…can’t imagine Charlie would want to come back to Earth just to see monsters again lol.

    Anyway, since we’ve had episodes that have shown off some cool gods, I’d LOVE to see either Thor pop in, or just have multiple gods from across multiple mythologies come together to try and do something.

    And NOT have Sam or Dean magically kill them all in some bullshit way…

  7. I would write an episode where they meet FBI agents who are hunters.

    I haven’t decided if they should be underground legacies or not?

  8. One where they touch on the fact that Adam was left behind because of the jealousy Sam and Dean have towards him for getting to grow up with John as a normal Dad.

  9. Everything after the Season 5 finale is one big dream brought on by Dean having another encounter with a djinn after Sam fell into the pit. Kripke is still at the helm and we get a re-start on Season 6.

  10. An episode where we meet a Nephalem. Half angel half demon. Daughter of a Grigori and Knight of Hell. She wreaks havoc and kills Jack.

  11. Damn I’m glad you’re not a writer. Charlie sucks. But I’d write an episode where they actually address Adam.


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