I’m not the Reverse-Flash, some would say, I’m the Reverse.


I’m not the Reverse-Flash, some would say, I’m the Reverse.

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  1. Who’s the hero now, Reverse Flash? WHO’S THE HERO NOW!?!?!?

    EDIT: It’s been (rather rudely) pointed out that I misquoted, my apologies.

  2. Was this legit just an excuse to post a hi-res image of him?

    I mean, I ain’t complaining, he looks good in the promo pics for 4×02, but the more promo pics he appears in, the more we realise that this suit doesn’t look as form-fitting as the last one and instead looks even more like a biker jacket with some fancy shmancy bling.

    Next season, we need the person who’s doing designs for Titans and Black Lightning to make an Arrowverse suit that actually looks like a suit. Preferably more armoured and form fitting (the exact reason the current suit doesn’t look right, it’s a loose leather jacket, make it tight and form fitting) like the New 52/Injustice, cloth is overrated.

  3. Is barry double stunt actually the reserve flash?

    while eboard doube the reserve reverse flash?

  4. This suit looks really neat!

    Wish we got some more shots of him in clear light, it really kinda pops. Most of the time it looks too maroon in the dark.


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