Joe Henderson on Season 3 finale


Joe Henderson on Season 3 finale

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  1. Well hopefully that means Lucifer won’t be cancelled. But it’s really no guarantee. Looking forward to the rest of the season!

  2. At this point even if it ends with Chloe finding out he is the Devil we will still know it will not go on like that in the next season. They used that “whoops we’re back to our old setting” trick way too many times. Only thing that could be great about an episode is a good scene like that Amenadiel resisting the security scene right now imo.

  3. I have this dreadful feeling that whatever happens, it’s gonna be retconned somehow by S04E01. ‘Cause they’ve retconned like 50% of the character/plot progression so far, and of the 50% that stayed, most is up in the air and unaddressed in any way.

    I also hate end-of-season cliffhangers, they’re a cheap way to maintain interest without improving your goddamn show.

  4. Joe Henderson is awesome, not only a talented guy but super cool. and Man I can’t wait, season 2’s cliff hanger was amazing, I can only expect this one to be somthing so epic.


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