Marvel Knights: Should I give it a try or not?


Marvel Knights: Should I give it a try or not?

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  1. I read about 8 issues a little while back and lost interest while finding it pretty forgettable. It’s not bad but it’s just really mediocre. If you *really* like the characters involved it might keep your interest but I’m a big fan of both Daredevil and Black Widow and I still wasn’t very into it.

    I think on paper it had a lot of cool stuff but ultimately the execution wasn’t an interesting story. The idea of a street-level Daredevil-led team that’s also backed by Moon Knight sounds *pretty damn cool.* But it’s really an afterthought of a book that’s mostly banking on the appeal of just seeing a bunch of characters mix together without that much going into their relations as a team or developing them much.

  2. It’s written by Chuck Dixon, who specializes in ’80s-style action stories, so it has a decidedly old-school flavor to it; even at the time it came out this would have been something of a throwback book. It’s fine: brief, readable, but pretty inessential. I’d skip it unless you really need a fix of these characters.


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