[Non-spoiler] If you were put in charge of writing of “The Flash” what you guys do or change?


If I’ve seen very pronounced split in the shows fanbase on how the show is going. While I do see many voicing your dissatisfaction with the direction how would you make it better if put in charge ? (I don’t care how long your response is just keep it civil. ☺

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  1. I’d incorporate time travel a bit more I really liked the pacing of using it as a plot device from season 2. Also make Iris useful as a reporter again, focus less on KF and more on Dr. Snow’s capabilities helping the team, stop making Ralph go through the same mini-arc of not wanting to be a hero every other episode, make Barry do actual CSI work with those kick ass animations they had the very first few episodes, maybe sprinkle in an episode that’s more related to Team Flash trying to stop regular criminals or even clear wrongly convicted people’s names every now and then. Not every one-off non-main-baddie episode has to be some shitty meta somehow going toe to toe with the flash for most the episode. Start teasing Batman/Green Lantern stuff more for an eventual intro to them

  2. make the Caitlyn and KF confusion end
    Iris as a reporter
    Have more Cisco Barry and Caitlyn time together
    Less members on team flash at one time
    Ik this one is too late to happen, but give Caitlyn and Cisco and Wally powers later in seasons like 5,6, and 7 because I wish they could focus more on barry and his speed

  3. Caitlin Snow was allways an ace up their sleeve. She was supposed to become a villain, without any doubt. For all people who have never read any comics her fate must have been the best plot twist on the show. One of the most dramtic, heartbreaking story. If Flash writers could successfully accomplish her truly organic transformation into the Killer Frost, then her character arc would be remembered as one of the biggest achievements of the show. However, they screw it up in the beggining of the third season by giving her powers out of nowhere. So Caitlin Snow storyline problem originated from another major disappointment. Flashpoint.

    Hero shouldn’t be all-powerful. Flash should fail and learn on his mistakes. But his failures should have consequences. Give Barry an impossible choice. Imagine in one of the last few episodes of the first season both Iris and Caitlin are in mortal danger with somebody else. Reverse Flash attempts to teach Barry a lesson –
    heroes fail. There is no way Barry can save them both. He has to decide who will survive. Joe and Iris or Caitlin and Cisco. Family or friends. He tries to save everyone but fails and Caitlin with Cisco seemingly die freezing.

    Cisco and Caitlin are close friends. So his death with Reverse Flash lesson ( heroes fail ) give her motivation to become a villain once and for all. You can twist it however you want. For example, she can become cold because she blames Barry for choosing his girlfriend over his friends. She can deside to never care about anyone because personal attachment was both the reason why Barry saved his family and the reason for her pain over loosing her close friend.

  4. Speaking of Flashpoint, they obviously failed to adapt it. Writers turn the most famous modern day Flash story into a plot device. Flashpoint was made in the begining of the third season for sole purpose. It was a plot device desighned to spawning many new metahumans in episodes to come. In the first season it was particle accelerator explosion. In the second it was Earth-2 breaches. That way it was much easier to create “freak of the week” episodes. Was it worth it to spend one of the most iconic storylines like that?

    Arrowverse has one big advantage over other comic book TV shows. It is interconnected and regularly produce crossover episodes. Flashpoint and other comic book events are the best choices for such crossovers. Why didn’t writers utilise their biggest advantage is beyond my understanding.

    Start this storyline in the Flash episode. Barry wakes up and after couple hours of work in CCPD his phone is ringing. His mom is calling. He can’t hold his happiness and starts to run right from his workplace to see her. He lost his superspeed. They watch TV together and he learns about the war. Granted, writers didn’t have access to heroes like Wonder Woman and Aquaman to adapt war between Amazons and Atlantians that leads to end of the world. But they could use Thanagarians and Dominators. TV news report display the battle between the greatest hero of Central city (Captain Cold) and his team of Rouges with aliens. Star labs is in danger. Barry goes to save his friends even without his connection with speedforce. He manages to get to the star labs in time, but only to witness how it crumbles. He wasn’t fast enough. When one of the aliens attempts to kill Barry, a figure in dark clothing saves his life.

    Story continues in Arrow. After saving some kid in Central city Arrow returns in his own town. He was investigating his lead on goverment forces plan to win the war with alien forces. From the data he gathered in Star labs he learns about two sepate secret projects. One is called “Purification”, another one called “Matrix”. He is caught off guard by another person’s presence in his lair. It is the same kid he saved in Central city. He knocks him out. Barry tells Oliver about everything. That world suddenly had changed, that they were friends, that he was struck by lightning and he was the fastest man alive. Arrow askes him: ” What happened to my father?”. Barry says that he shot himself to save his son. Arrow belives him, but only because in his case Oliver shot himself. They recreate the lightning strike accident. First attemt leavs Barry on a verge of death. Then he becomes Flash again. They join forces fight with Deathstroke and learn the secret about “Purification” project. Goverment was gonna use Firestorm as a living bomb against aliens. Thanagarians steal Firestorm.

    Story continues in Supergirl. Episode starts with a dream sequence. Little girl with her family in the park under the bright sunlight. She plays hide and seek with her sister. Kara is seeking. After she opens her eyes she can’t find her family anywhere. Sun grows dim, then red. She wakes up in a cell with red light. Meanwhile Barry and Arrow understand that time is running out. Barry and Arrow prepare themselves for the battle. Big confrontation between Thanagarians, Dominators and goverment forces has started as TV reports demonstrate. Yellow streak is spotted by a reporter in the middle of the war zone. Barry comes to a conclution that Reverse Flash have traveled in time and changed the past. There was no Supergirl in that timeline, so when Arrow read his information on project “Matrix” only Barry can understand that it is Kara. They rescue her and fight side by side. They lose. Firestorm is going to blow up. In anger Barry runs after Reverse Flash. He learns that Flash was the cause of that timeline. He is responsible for the end of the world. So he run back in time to stop himself.

  5. First off, I would change the episodes to something shorter like 10 or 12. I honestly prefer


    No more regular new meta episodes. No need for unnecessary subplots. No time for cringe. Focusing on the big picture. That way, using the money saved from making 10 episodes instead of 23, we can DE-LEATHER everyone’s costume.

  6. Season 5:
    Same team as season 4 without Ralph and with KF
    Barry and KF and protecting the city with tech support from Caitlin and Cisco.
    Iris is a mother so quits her job.
    Episode 3 – The city is victim to a series of attacks
    Episode 6 – Red Lightning attacks Wally and leaves him bedridden until episode 10
    Episode 9 – Villian revealed to audience and characters as Eobard Thawne.
    Barry and Thawne fight
    Thawne escapes, injured
    Iris goes home and hears Barry with the kids
    Goes inside and sees Savitar(SB)
    She screams
    SB threatens to kill the kids if Iris doesn’t call Barry, and Barry only

    Season 5B:
    Barry and Savitar fight
    Savitar wins after RF saves him
    They leave together
    Barry and Wally have a series of fights with the villains

    Penultimate episode:
    Barry and Joe with Captain Singh in his office
    RF comes and takes Joe
    Barry runs after him
    (Captain Singh learns his identity)
    Barry uses his CSI skills to find Joe as RF manages to block Cisco’s vibes
    Barry and Wally confront RF and SB
    Joe escapes.

    Season finale:
    Wally takes down Savitar in a brutal fight, letting time wraiths take him away
    Barry and Reverse Flash fight and use every speed fight move possible
    Barry finally kills reverse Flash just as Savitar is being taken away.
    Savitar smiles and says, “One mistake, that’s how it all began”
    Iris and Barry are happy with their kids
    Barry is still remorseful for killing
    Season ends with no cliffhanger.

    Cisco and Caitlin have a reduced role as they are busy rebuilding star labs
    Barry and Wally often in the field with no tech support and they make decisions
    More scenes where Barry is a CSI and the flash at the same time.


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