/r/SHIELD Update


Season 5 is just round the corner, and to celebrate we’ve got a new subreddit design!

**Here are the main things to point out:**

* The new subreddit is primarily based off of /r/Minimaluminiumalism , with a little bit of /r/naut thrown in.

* There’s a light mode and a dark mode (dm.reddit.com)

* There’s now a Wall of Valor to remember SHIELD actors and actresses who have passed away (original suggestion by /u/echoesintheattic)


The new subreddit should hopefully work without any issues, but just in case there are some issues, or anyone has suggestions to improve it even more, then reply to this thread, or send me a DM

*As soon as there are some better images, we’ll update the banner and other designs to better reflect Season 5*

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  1. It looks pretty good, but I think you should have kept “Report a subversive” for the report button even if it is a holdover from Season 4.

  2. The dark mode says I need to be invited by the mods, at least when I click the button on the side. When I type the URL it works fine.

  3. I’m using dark mode and the text is white. Unfortunately the background of the textbox is black and white. This means I can barely read what I’m typing.

  4. Hmmmmmm.
    Personally, I *think* I like the old Subreddit’s design a wee bit more. But, this one is still hella rad. I appreciate some of the new neat little details (like Hydra symbol for mod mail), and man do I love the dark-theme option.


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