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There is only one person who can remove Cain’s mark and let him die – Dr. Linda.

It’s been stated before that Lucifer doesn’t send people to Hell or hold them there. It’s solely their own guilt. What if it’s no different for Cain? What if over the centuries he’s never really forgiven himself for killing his brother? Cain’s mark is an external representation of his internal guilt. If he can truly let go of it, he can leave his Hell on Earth. And who is the one person who can help him do that? Dr. Linda.

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  1. Linda should really just start advertising herself as the only therapist on earth equipped to handle issues related to the supernatural or just freaky.

    Bonus: we get a Marvel-esque credits scene where Jared Padelecki walks in asking if she takes walk-ins.

  2. The much more interesting question for me is, how idiotic Cain’s death wish is. In the fiction of the show you go to hell after dying. So if I have the choice between hanging on Earth or being in hell, I would much rather be on Earth. Cain’s not going to heaven after all.

    So why does Cain prefer being in hell?!?

  3. The problem with Cain is that he probably already thought about any idea how to die we can imagine, because he likely hates living for few hundreds years or more (and we are thinking how to help him for like two months) – it is unlikely that he started to hate living later than XVII century, because this is the time when things started to get exciting. We can’t really imagine a valid strategy without him imagining it too, especially as he has much more information than we do.
    Also, if God is really omnipotent or close to omnipotent and acts like he seems to act in the show, then God is Bad (or so I think). That might mean there is no escape whatsoever – people in hell don’t have one.

    Could anyone propose the world where God creates hell and isn’t somehow the Enemy Number One Of Humanity? In other words, can torturing billions of creatures forever serve some actual point? If there is no such option, then God is Bad, and more importantly, Cain knows that.

  4. Just asking, can there be an Able showing where he would see Cain’s honest regrets, and forgive his brother?
    I think the Lucifer series has a lot of “forgiveness” it it’s themes.

  5. I kind of want this to happen just because it would be hilarious to say that the chief antagonist of the series (debatable what that even is) was defeated by *therapy*.
    On the other hand, please no.


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