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Anyone kind of dissapointed about the shit writing on where they just “turned” Reign evil? That cult lady said she’d forget about her kid, it would have been far more interesting if they did something akin to Injustice where her kid dies and she willingly becomes a subjugater in order to bring justice, and loses the only reason she did it in the first place, she would have been a villian to rival Thawne, Chase, Wilson and S1 Merlyn

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  1. no way they are killing a kid in a CW show about Supergirl

    watch till the finale when Ruby snaps her out of her trance right when she’s about to kill Kara

  2. They have been building it from ep1 and no she is not full on Reign yet,i think let it play out before you judge.

    Also killing the kid would be so cliche

  3. Yes, of course, killing the kid would be so much better, Injustice is totally the source material they should be inspired by, right.

    Never mind that it would be oddly grimdark for this show – even with its current more sombre tone and palette – to kill off the cute kid recurring character as motivation, it’s predictable and very very overdone. Especially when Netflix just launched ‘The Punisher’.

    The fact that Sam is established as one of Kara’s friends and someone the audience can empathise with before she is turned into Reign against her will is what makes her still interesting for me in spite of it not being her decision. She’s a tragic inverse of Supergirl and Superman, prevented from making the choice to be a hero that the Supercousins’ parents promised them they could be by her own ‘parents’ more sinister desires. I liked that her origin is so close to being a mirror of Superman’s, right down to the aesthetics of her fortress, to emphasise that angle. While it could still end up being boring and tedious, because let’s face it this show has form on derailing its interesting ideas, what they’ve done with Sam so far this season has me invested for now.


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