S05E08 Prediction Thread


You know the drill! In this thread you can make any predictions or theories about the next episode. If your prediction turns out to be correct, you get some exclusive flair.

If you believe you have correctly predicted something in this or any previous thread, send me a PM with a link to the unedited comment. If your prediction is indeed correct, and not too vague (“Coulson will be in this episode” or anything really broad or obvious from the episode previews/trailers don’t count), you will be awarded the “Clairvoyant” flair.

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  1. Deke is presumed dead. We find out why Daisy is called destroyer of worlds. We meet Virgil father. The true believer are the bad guys. Robin is mad like the inhuman May meet in Barhain.

  2. Fitz and Simmons have an argument over science or about who proposed first

    Coulson will get pissed off, because Lola got scratched during the destruction of Earth.

    We’ll meet Deke’s dad and he’ll be evil. And connected to someone from the past.

  3. I mean, it’s unlikely until they get back to the present/past because does the future even have pancakes but when has that ever stopped me?

    FitzSimmons will make pancakes.

  4. We will get our first real clues about what really happened to the Earth, and they will point toward neither Quake nor Graviton.

  5. The thing that Daisy is reacting in horror to in the episode promo? Her role in the destruction of Earth.

  6. – Kasius/Sinara and Co. land on destroyed Earth, probably in the post-credits scene.

    – the weapons and other tech are kept in a shrine dedicated to the “saviours from the past,” that only said saviours can only touch.

    – Coulson sees the Rider skull, and he’s visibly shaken by it.

    – Daisy will say “Wow, rude” and/or “How do you do, fellow…?”

    – Deathlok will appear.

  7. At some point Fitz will use the salvaged framework tech to make a “backup” of his brain which he will give to one of the team before he heroically sacrifices himself to save them. the team will upload the back up into frozen Fitz in the present time thus we get Fitz’s heroic death without erasing all of the character building/growth.

    I really hope there isn’t some writer some where going “Motherfucker!”

    on a similar note but will never happen and is just wishful thinking; Hive survived/stayed intact and was picked up by the Kree and removed from Ward’s body (For nefarious purposes of course). Ward is eventually plugged into the framework where the Grant Ward Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D personality exists. Ward is brought back in time and the rest of the season we get to deal with a Ward who has memories from lives with and without Garrett’s influence and we get to see him struggle with who he is, who he wants to be and we will constantly question if he is good or evil. Also Ward and Fitz will bond on shared experiences and it will be heartwarming or heart breaking depending on how things go.

  8. Fitz will have a semi-breakdown because of how the rest of the team wishes to go back in time but he is unable to explain the possible time paradox that would exist if he goes back with them. He would probably think that going back in time would possibly wipe them out of existence because of how the passing of time in the past 70+ years is already set in stone according to his understanding of the fourth dimension. Just like how he explains in S3E15, the fourth dimension is already fixated, “it’s just there and there is nothing you can do about it.” I am sure the writers could probably get around it if the team would go back to the original timeline. But for now Fitz is going to freak out because of the fact that there will be 2 Fitz at the same time if they go back in time. And Simmons would originally try to argue with him, but they would eventually reconcile and Fitz would agree to attempt to make the machine work with Simmons to send them back in time.

  9. The Kree only think they wiped records of what occurred. Rose may either have all accounts or at least a partial account of the events leading to Earth’s demise. The key is in the past and there’s probably people there helping to facilitate whatever causes the event to occur.

  10. Robin tells the team they can go back in time and save earth, but Daisy thinks she might be the destroyer of worlds and is reluctant to go.

  11. The crew wont be sent to the present time. They will travel to near future where quake becomes destroyer of worlds. dove will play robin in her youth.

  12. Mack and flint will have some more bonding time and yo-yo will shoot another alien right after they get the guns and equipment from fitz’s stache

  13. Coulson will speak with Robin and learn that the team was brought over to help humanity now. Deke’s participation in slavery will be overlooked. Daisy will be apprehensive because of the role she’s believed to have played in what transpired to the Earth.


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