[Season 1 Spoiler] I have a random question that is bugging me


Love the show, just binged both seasons. But I got something that has been nagging at my brain: why is it the cook who finds Eleven gets shot in the head but when Hopper breaks in and finds almost every secret with Hawkins Lab he just gets drugged and sent back home?

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  1. Because they thought they had her and everything would easily be covered up, since they made it look like a suicide. But she got away, Will and Barb went missing, Joyce was raising a big stink – the mess became too big to just be killing off everyone involved, and the Sheriff is too prominent a citizen to cover up easily. Hawkins is a small, quiet town – can’t just go mass murdering a bunch of folks without attracting the kind of attention they surely don’t want.

    They did hope to sidetrack/derail him with the planted drugs, or at least make anything he said seem like hallucinations. And they bugged his house so they could try and use his investigation to help them find El – use him, rather than waste him.

  2. Very simple. Killing a diner owner can easily be passed off as a robbery. Killing the Chief of Police? Not so easy.

    Also, timing is a factor. Benny is killed in the first episode, when they think El will be back in their custody soon and the matter cleared up.. By the time Hopper gets wise to them, it’s halfway into the season, Will and Barb have vanished and they’re scrambling to cover that up, El has been missing for days and the lab is aware the Demogorgan is on the loose. Killing Hopper at that point would just cause further complications they really don’t need.

  3. A sudden death or disappearance of the sole Chief of Police probably wouldn’t bode well with the rest of Hawkins… and the guys working with Brenner know that. Something like that happening while he’s looking into a suspicious suicide, and multiple disappearances… nah, they wouldn’t have killed Hopper. Not then anyways.

  4. I think the reason that they didn’t kill him is because of the attention it would draw. The chief of police dying so soon after Will’s body was discovered and all over the news would have made a lot of noise. Instead, they seemed to send him a message. They left him at home with drugs there as if to let him know they could have killed him and made it look like suicide. It didn’t work though.

    But, I do have some problems with the lab and some of the events related to it. The scene with Benny for example, I have no idea why that woman went in guns blazing like that. Surely it would have been a lot easier to send in any woman that El doesn’t know and lure her out, maybe shoot her with a tranquilizer and then bring her back to the lab. Instead, she just walked in and popped Benny right out in the open, knowing that Eleven was a powerful girl. Not the brightest evil people I’ve ever seen.

    While I understand why they didn’t kill Hop as explained already, they do seem to be quite inconsistent with their evil doing. Not long after that they were prepared to riddle three little boys with bullets, and would have, if not for El’s intervention.

    Also, the way the lab was toned down in Season 2 was a bit of a disappointment. At the end of Season 1, one of the big questions for Season 2 is how will the lab control all of this, and what are the consequences for the inhabitants of Hawkins? They decided to deal with this by basically making the lab seem like a non-threat. The suits were replaced by scientists who weren’t nearly as malicious.

    EDIT: Another thing related to the lab that was a bit annoying is the tie in with the Nancy and Jonathon subplot. So Nancy and Jonathon have gone to all the trouble of getting Owens to say incriminating things on tape, then went to visit conspiracy theorist guy, “watered it down”, (had sex) and mailed it out to Press, and that’s the reason we’re given for the closing of the Hawkins Lab. However, given the absolute bloody massacre that had just happened there, the fact that the gate was closed and that there’s no way it’s a stable structure anymore with that giant fucking hole underneath it, it’s hard to imagine the lab would have went on operating anyway. That makes a lot of the subplot kind of a pointless waste of time….. but it did produce the pull out line? 😛

  5. Wouldn’t want to kill too much people in a story!

    EDIT: but after thinking about it, the writing and character development of Hopper had developed before the whole breaking in thing. It’s more about writing because Hopper’s character has been established to be important.

  6. Another reason not to kill Hopper, he could be a decorated Vietnam war veteran and popular former big city cop.


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