Should Jessica Jones face ‘Monsters Of The Week’ in Season 2?


They really only had Kilgrave as the villain for Season 1, which was awesome, I loved Kilgrave to death (well, not the character, he was fucking horrifying scum, but Tennant performed so damn well in the role). But I don’t know if they can pull it off again.

Maybe Jessica Jones should go the route of some DC shows and have villains for every week, I’m sure there’s some Marvel villains like Pyro that can be good foes for Jessica? Surely she, Kilgrave and Luke Cage can’t be the ONLY ones with superpowers?

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  1. I hope Netflix shows don’t go with a different enemy per episode, ever. It’s lazy storytelling. It has it’s place though, and that’s for shows, like The Flash, where there is a week between each episode, as opposed to how easily binge watched or watched in larger chunks the Netflix shows are. From a storytelling standpoint, it makes it so that the writers don’t have to build up enemies over many episodes, instead allowing them to have surface level enemies that are defeated each week. I don’t feel that would be as entertaining, especially with a show as serious and gritty as Jessica Jones.

  2. The great thing about Netflix programming is that it doesn’t need to have a diverse story line to keep viewers engaged for 7 to 8 months. They have a 12/13 episode season that has definitive plots per episode with an overall arc that displays a bigger picture. Villain of the week is from an outdated television format. We should be open to what new storytelling this can produce, however bad or good it might be.

  3. I think what made Jessica Jones so great was that it was very streamlined and focused in regards to it’s plot, there was no need for villain of the week because Kilgrave was so scary and formidable that they could base the entire season around trying to stop him.

  4. Honestly, I think we will need at least one or two throwaway villains just to show us she’s improved and can kick ass without drilling too far into a villain.

  5. I’d love it if it were like the Alias comics or even Veronica Mars. I’d like seeing more sides to JJ than just a main story, a main villain…

    That said, they could do it like in DD season 2. Fitting 2 or 3 story arcs in the season, as separate but connected stories. Idk.

  6. Hell no. Monster-of-the-week is a weird, unnatural form of storytelling invented to fit the needs of syndicated content. It strains the plausibility of any series it’s used in, and it does not belong in content designed to be consumed in order, on demand. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  7. I think having a case of the week (or at least a case of the two-to-three episodes) is a much healthier way to build a TV show like Jessica Jones. The rising action of the first season was a little wonky since nearly every episode was focused on Kilgrave – even the subplots and side assignments that Jessica would take. I don’t think Jessica should get in the business of fighting villain after villain, necessarily, but she should be solving case after case, and they should be distinct from one another.

  8. A monster of the week might be to extreme but JJ could be like DD season 2, They basically had two 6 episode arcs.

  9. Definitely *not.* One of the weaknesses of the DC shows is that they all follow the same cookie cutter format which is mostly done because of the limits of what they can do with network TV. Not only is it cliche and unoriginal, but it’s also not as favorable for binging which is what the Netflix shows are actually sort of tailored to.

  10. I think that could be effective if it was done in the way of Buffy (where there is one overarching Big Bad alongside a succession of small villains).

  11. The good thing about the netflix shows is the overarching plot, the main bad guy that drives the whole story. Maybe it could be change into 2, but a villain of the week would be a step backwards to me


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