Simple and easy way they could’ve included DD in episode 13 [spoilers]


He could’ve been with Trish on call for backup, and could’ve came in there and started kicking butt when people started killing each other on Kilgrave’s command. It would’ve been so easy! Especially with the nurse offering daredevil’s help earlier, she just could’ve said ‘Good to have some backup I suppose’ and then he would’ve jumped in there and it would’ve been sweet! Kilgrave wouldn’t have really noticed a difference because he isn’t significant to jessica

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  1. You don’t blow your load in one go. Tease him in season one and get people excited for the eventual cameo in season two. Keep people wanting more

  2. Of course they could easily have included him. It’s pretty clear that they purposefully decided not to do so; the only question is why.

    I suspect it was a high-level decision to set audience expectations: “Look, we’re telling a story here, we’re not just throwing in the kitchen sink for the sake of cooler fight scenes. Get used to that right now.” I think that’s a perfectly good reason, but I could think of others too.

  3. Honestly, Daredevil is my favorite superhero and I was never expecting or looking for him to show up in this show. I feel like it would’ve been hard for it not to feel like a rushed shoehorn appearance in most cases and it’s odd to me that so many people were expecting him and some even complain about him not being included.

    I’m totally fine with how things played out. In fact if anything, I think Claire’s cameo, while cool, got a *tad* too much screentime in the finale.

  4. Why include him though? He’d end up stealing the spotlight from Jessica when it’s her story.

    It would have been cool I suppose but it’s totally needless.


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