[SPOILER] Did anyone end up liking Kilgrave more than Jessica


I didn’t quite like jessica’s character as much, I felt that kilgrave had more to his character than jessica, who’s was just the regular “im a hero but im broken emotionally”. Did anyone else feel this way or was it just me?

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  1. The actor is very charismatic and fun to watch. In that sense, I enjoyed watching him more than just about anyone else on the series. But he made me absolutely despise his character, which is his job.

  2. Funny, in the first few episodes where you just see Kilgrave’s aftermath, I thought he was the was the most evil, despicable bad guy in history. Then once David Tennant starts having more screen time, I started to like the character more. That British guy is just so charming!

  3. Idk I actually found Jessica’s character great. She was very human, her superpowers didn’t define her. She wasn’t hiding or trying to be a figure of any kind, she really wasn’t even a hero. She lives in a dumpy apartment with a mediocre job and she fucks up every time she turns around. Despite trying to do the right thing, she always does the wrong thing and struggles to meet her goals, I loved her. I also loved kilgrave, but I love a good villain in general. Tennant did a great job making him an irredeemable jerk and completely terrifying. Extremely well cast all around as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Someone from the AV club wrote an excellent line about this:

    > “By making Kilgrave more charming than menacing, Jessica Jones is hinting at a hard truth through a superhero lens: Abusers don’t just rely on physical threats. They cultivate a sense of trust and intimacy with their victims that keeps the cycle of violence going.”

  5. I kind of did. I may be more biased as a fan of Tennant already so maybe I enjoyed his *portrayal* more. I didn’t find Jessica outright likable though, I think her flaws were very glaring for me to connect with her. I ended up connecting with Trish or Ruben easier. In terms of liking Kilgrave more than Jessica? I think I just wanted to know more about him, as opposed to her. So I think for me, it’s a grey area in terms of who I liked more because while Jessica was meant to be the hero we rooted for, I found myself more interested in Kilgrave and his intentions.

  6. Jessica is like number 4 on my list of likable characters on the show. I preferred Kilgrave, Malcolm and Trish a hell of a lot more.

  7. Kilgrave I think is supposed to be more likable, but I think Jessica is the better character. Kilgrave’s charming and charismatic, but Jessica is one of the best portrayals of a vulnerable hero there’s ever been. I love that she’s a misfit to the superhero genre itself, I love that she’s flawed and rude, and her suffering comes from things that we can understand, not a cliche origin. Her qualities make her feel more real where as Kilgrave, as awesome as he is, still just feels like a character, and that character is a very disturbed man with a warped view on the world. Jessica feels like a person. She’s the heart of the show and the center point of nearly all the interesting themes that it presents.

    Plus, I think a lot of people are just wearing rose-tinted glasses with Tennant. Maybe it’s because I don’t often see actors as actors over their characters, but I was *not* having a hard time disliking or rooting against Kilgrave in this show.

  8. Yeah lots of similar sentiments to other comments. Tennant was thoroughly charming and especially when he saved those kids his reaction to being a hero was almost adorable. Seeing the usb footage of his childhood torture made me even feel for him a bit. However we’re promptly reminded of his crimes regularly, and whilst it didn’t make me quite to the level of despising like other commenters have been, it made me think he was still rather selfish and douche baggy. That said, all this makes me very interested about him, somewhat more than Jessica.

  9. I enjoyed both characters equally, both in different ways. Kilgrave is fascinating in an extremely twisted but compelling way. I also really like Jessica because she isn’t perfect. She has a messed up life which has made her interesting in the ways she has learned to deal with her troubles and her broken life. Most main characters are often this shining idol of all things good, but Jessica isn’t necessarily even a good character. While she is the protagonist, her actions and motives could be easily turned around and she could be an antagonist as well. Both Jessica and Kilgrave have had a troubled past, and that has caused both of them to come out in different but questionably similar ways. I think both are very fascinating.

  10. Kilgrave is charming because he is a sociopath. It’s part of their specs. They know how to present themselves so that people like them, no matter what horrid things they have done.

    Jessica’s self-presentation is rough but honest. She doesn’t pretend to be something that she isn’t. You might not want to drink with her, but you can trust her.

    I wouldn’t recommend having a drink with Kilgrave. You’ll end up date raped.

  11. Nope. He was funny a few times and definitely polished but he was just a horrible person and did some crazy shit to keep Jessica on his tail. He obviously did a lot of bad shit but the one that stands out is when he had the guy at the news stand throw hot coffee in his own face for telling him not to take unpaid for newspapers/magazines. This guy wasn’t even part of his grand scheme to get a hold of Jessica, he was just annoyed by him.

    I actually think that so many people were charmed by him is pretty telling. Some of the sickest murderers in history were known for being nice, suave and even charismatic people. I also have no allegiance to Tennant (I don’t watch Dr. Who) so I just see him as Kilgrave.

  12. Having been mind controlled to kill people, constantly raped etc makes it very difficult for me to see Jessica Jones as any sort of a regular hero.

    That said, I do think Kilgrave is an excellent villain and a very complex at that. He is, of course, completely terrible but then again, he’s also completely messed up mentally so it can’t really be blamed on him either. The actor is equally excellent and in my opinion superior the actress of Jessica Jones.

  13. The more Kilgrave was in the series the more colorful (no pun intended) the show became to me. Jessica was just the same depressing note over & over in & Kilgrave was like a breath of fresh air. He made the show significantly more entertaining imho

  14. After episode 4 or so, I was pretty much rooting for him throughout. It wasn’t a matter of “connecting” with this character more than that character or whatever, for me, he was just more interesting. But overall, the show was fucking brilliant, every character was fascinating in one way or another. Even Ruben’s kooky sister.

  15. Maybe there was a slight, slight chance Kilgrave could of changed for Jessica. In that episode where him and Jessica [S01] (#js “save the hostages. Like when Jessica points out the better solution is to get the hostage taker to turn himself in, instead of letting Kilgrave commanding the man to kill himself. Kilgrave points out if he wants to be a good guy, then he’s gonna need Jessica assisting him with things like that. “)

    Since Kilgrave never had to learn right from wrong, the concept of a “hero” would seem foreign to him. Ultimately, I think Jessica didn’t want to put all that time and effort in to being Kilgrave’s “conscience”.

  16. Kilgrave was my favorite character. Malcolm was actually a very close second for me, *then* Jessica. I think some of the moral gray areas, [S01E09] (#js “especially with holding him in the room and torturing him with the footage”) made Jessica’s character more interesting and intriguing.


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