[Spoiler] Does anyone else feel like the current season is kind of a cop out?


First of all, I just want to say that I think the new season is great. Quality writing, moving character arcs forward, the new characters are good, I’m interested and engaged, etc.

But from a writing/continuity standpoint, I feel like the season is a cop out, since anything that happens will presumably get overwritten when they return to the present day. This is just my assumption, but I’m pretty sure that’s what will happen at the end of the season; they’ll have discovered what actually destroyed the planet (again, I assume it wasn’t Daisy, but maybe it was, in which case I’m sure she had her reasons, but the recent reintroduction of gravitonium leads me to believe that it will be at least somewhat involved), they’ll find the white monolith and go back to the present, and stop whatever it is that ultimately destroys the planet. Meanwhile, this entire season will have had *zero* effect on the rest of the MCU, since everything they’re doing in the future will have been reverted.

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  1. I mean, people were saying that last season about the framework since it wasnt reality and yet there are some big side effects from the framework.

    Id like to give the writers some credit and not throw everything to doubt yrt. They have proven themselves very capable of writing a good plotline

  2. I have a feeling that since Fitz didn’t arrive through the white monolith he can’t go back that way. He will have to stay in the future.

  3. You could argue the same thing about the Framework arc (and many did). But of course, that arc ended with AIDA becoming an inhuman with 20 powers. And Mace died.

    Even if they “reset” the timeline, it won’t be without consequence. As always, the character development will continue. Fitz and Simmons will be engaged. But I think, much like the Framework, we’ll be left with some material changes to the present. Maybe this time, instead of losing someone, they add Flint and/or Deke to the team. On a less positive note, I doubt that they’ll be able to avert the apocalypse without sacrifices of some kind.

  4. cop out would be they realizing they are still in the framework and aida is alive and well (im game for more mallory jansen!)

  5. I thought this was going to be about how this should have become a courtroom thriller series after the end of the last series.

    I’ve been thinking that in theory their stated ambition should be to make sure none of what they witness actually occurs. For some reason this hasn’t really occurred to anyone yet. But if this is how they let time travel play out/choose to interpret what happens (assuming Fitz/any of them are able to go back and it’s only the team that goes back^1) then it really isn’t different to the Framework. As others have said, we know Fitz is showing physical signs of his time in it and I’m sure if he ever gets time to breathe the mental aspects of it will come up again, but I’m 90% sure Mack’s relationship with Flint is being framed through the Framework.

    ^1 Thor Ragnarok and Inhumans spoilers… [MCU mass migration take 3, anyone?](/spoiler)

  6. Maybe they adapt Flint into the Secret Warriors and this is his origin story? We have Quake, YoYo, Absorbing Man, and the Rider so far. Eden Fesi is in Australia (season 3). Vijay Nadeer is going through terrigenesis again, so he’s an unknown. Just need a Druid and a Phobos to round out the secret warriors for an invasion storyline in the fallout from Infinity War and lead-up to Ms. Marvel (season 6!). [Or this is just a multiverse storyline and we get to see Quake Destroyer of Worlds vs Quake Agent of SHIELD (please be better than Flash vs Emo Flash!).](/spoiler)

  7. Every time they opened some sort of gateway to a different world something / someone came back from it to destroy humanity. Also, all of them contributed to building characters.

    Monolith -> Jemma goes to Maveth -> they reopen it -> Hive comes through -> present world almost destroyed. Huge character imoplications for Fitz, Simmons, Coulson and Daisy

    Darkhold -> Coulson and Fitz get pulled into another dimension -> Radcliffe and Aida get corrupted when they save them -> sets up LMD and Framework arcs -> Superior gets Darkhold knowledge -> still hanging plotthread

    Framework -> everyone crosses over voluntarily or involuntarily -> major character development for everyone, even Ward who was dead by this point -> Mace dies in real world -> Aida crosses over, almost destroys SHIELD -> Ghostrider comes back from dark dimension

    White monolith / time travel -> team goes through portal -> first disoriented, but now they start to be able to influence how this future plays out as well as to start gathering intelligence on how to save the past – we are still in early phases, but I would be surprised if when they eventually get back they wouldn’t bring something / someone evil back from that future that will threaten the present.


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