[Spoiler] In the wall?


Might be a silly question. If Lenny is who Lenny is, who ended up dying in the wall? I remember The Interrogator making a big deal that a girl died in the wall, and then it was just kinda dropped.

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  1. Okay, here we go: Big Spoilers Ahead!

    Lenny in the wall is actually Lenny. The real Lenny that David met at the asylum.

    The Lenny in his past is actually his male friend Benny, who SK has replaced with Lenny because he himself likes to take the form of Lenny for some reason. This makes David think he’s known Lenny for a very long time and thus trusts SK “Lenny”.

  2. This is explained in a later episode – the lighthouse episode. There are 2 conversations that spell it out. It wasn’t dropped.

  3. The story and characters you are presented are from an unreliable narrator that has had and is having his memories scrambled by SK. It is unknown if it is Lenny, or a poor soul with beautiful Plaza-face.l in the wall. Lenny/SK in David mind chooses the “residual self image” of Lenny to present him in his minds eye.

    Deeper, it is entirely possible that CW was not real in the first place given the source material.

    There are so many more things to spend your time wondering about.

    Visual answers if you get past Lenny stuck in the wall. Like did you notice the chevron pattern in the cement of the hallways of CW that proceed SK. Floor of Apt Typhoon kitchen, David pants after returning from Astral plane. Subtle white chevrons under the orange of Syd’s coat. Chevron tile layout of the White bedroom. All tied back from SK messing with Ptonomy’s mind, the floor.

    Whirlwind in the Kitchen. Typhoon Bread basket. Etymology Typhoon from Typhon the multi-headed and most powerful titan that challenged the gods of Olympus

    David circular existence at CW on his ¿30th? Birthday receives a 30mg pill in a circular cup in a circular room repeating the same day over

    [Somethings got to change]…Syd Appears
    In a halo of light and then stands in front of an painting of a river that mimics several future images such as the chalkboard rowboat. The image of la boat on water can also be seen in the background of ¿chalkboard? in episode 2 when David enter the foyer of Summerland for the first time. Syd and David by the lake lite by the sun.

    Primary colors: Red, Yellow, Blue
    Television pixel Colors: Red, Green, Blue

    Green->Frog->David, a rainbow connection. His defenders Sister, philly

    Philly, a name for a young mare, Lenny first appraises Syd as if she were a horse.

    Blue = love. Vapor, “It’s always blue.” is SK attempt to a substitute “a chemical reaction in the brain”. Seriously look for the blue when David and Syd are together.

    I still have finished connecting all the cool Lamps.


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