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Remember in the song remains the same when Sam and Dean go back in time to stop the angel from killing their mom? And at the end, Sam and Dean tell their mom that it’s ok to leave John and that it’s ok if they were never born? What if all that happened in the alternate reality, and they made it back in time for it to change the future and that’s why that world is the way it is?

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  1. Are you saying that the apocalypse AU that we saw was where Sam and Dean went back in time to? No – that’s not the case.

    When Sam and Dean went back in time, Mary has already made the deal to bring John back to life and she was already pregnant with Dean. In the Apocalypse AU, however, she’d never made that deal. Also, before Sam and Dean coming back to the current time, Michael said he was going to erase Mary’s memories of their visit, so that everything would proceed as planned. So that explains why nothing changed in their universe.


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