[Spoiler] Let’s be real


If Jonathan stayed with the kids at the Byers house instead of Steve, he would have kicked Billy’s ass.

*braces for downvotes from Team Steve members*

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  1. I’m not Team Steve, but I don’t think Jonathan would’ve won. Jonathan was able to beat Steve because he was running on pure angst and anger.

    His brother’s funeral happened the day before. He wasn’t sure if his brother was alive or dead. A girl he kinda liked just got slutshamed in front of the whole town, and the asshole that did it just shit talked his distressed mother and missing possibly dead brother.

    All that adrenaline will do the job. I don’t know if Jonathan would’ve mustered the same strength to take down Billy….

    (and I think they’re making an ongoing joke of Steve not being able to take on other humans, but can take on otherworldly beings for some reason. Doesn’t matter who Steve is fighting, he’d probably lose)

  2. Nah I don’t see Jonathan winning that fight either. Jonathan vs Steve was at the very least a decent scuffle. Billy literally toyed with Steve until the plate to the head. Billy is tough as nails.

  3. Billy would have won against Jonathan, he was far more physically fit, and he doesn’t really hold back. The guy that wins the fight is usually the guy willing to take it that extra step too far. There was a legitimate risk of Billy killing Steve if Max hadn’t jumped in. Part of me wants to see Billy try some shit next season whilst Eleven is there and promptly get sent through a wall.

  4. I think Jon would have lost as well, Billy is pretty strong. One thing I didn’t like about the fight was that Steve could have totally won!

    When Steve punched the first time, he should have kept punching and pressed his advantage. Instead he just kind of sat there and let Billy get his senses about him.

  5. Not a hope. Billy is much bigger than Jonathon and he can take punches like they are nothing. Side effect from having a physically abusive father. He would beat the living shit out of Jonathon.

    Also, let’s not forget that if Steve hadn’t gone back into the Byers house, the demogorgon would have had a Jancy Pie for dinner! Steve may have gotten beaten by two humans, but he fucked up the demogorgon with that bat!


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