[spoiler]Damnit William


I really enjoyed last night’s episode but seriously William. What was he trying to accomplish? Why the hell would he go directly to the bad guys? He could have died. At least in the arrow bunker he might have survived if the bomb went off.

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  1. I’ve never actually hated a character or actor on Arrow.

    I hate William. The writing seems like it’s for a child way younger, the actor has terrible, deadpan delivery, the character switches back and forth between petulant and understanding, selfish and mature at the drop of a dime.

    I’m praying for a Connor from Angel situation; drop him in the speedforce, out comes a new older actor.

  2. They were setting him up to be the reason that Cayden James didn’t blow up the city. They could have written some other scenario, but they’d pretty much written themselves in a corner making him so much better than Oliver and always ahead of him.


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