[Spoilers] Does Reign go to the future with the legion?


In the latest episode mon el says that reign just “leaves” and given that he has a new suit that looks too expensive just to get rid of after half a season. My theory is the mon-el decides to stay behind in the present while reign becomes his replacement in the future after she goes through a redemption arc as it now starts to feel like she isn’t the main bad for this season. Thoughts?

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  1. Kind of a let down if she isn’t the main bad.

    Maybe that computer lady that directs her is the main one.

  2. i like this idea, but what if they just take her with them instead of being redeemed. maybe there’s some future tech or something in their time that can defeat her easily

  3. Him that’s interesting that Sam goes to the future with the legion but then she’d leave Ruby behind because like it’s pretty obvious Alex will take Ruby. So leaving her daughter? Idk if that would happen but it’s certainly an interesting idea.

  4. Reign is a villain. The most redemption she can get is Sam somehow taking control of her in the finale and committing suicide to stop her. I can’t imagine her joining the Legion.


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