[Spoilers] So who will he…


Merge with next now that Stein is gone Jax is gonna need a new partner.

He should go back and find Valentina Vostok and merge with her because….[reasons](https://imgur.com/xTnWKBC)

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  1. He doesn’t need to merge anymore, because Stein took the serum that disconnected them and took away their powers.

    But hell yes on bringing back Valentina Vostok. We need more Doom Patrol on this series, stat.

  2. Oh yeah when Stein was merged with Vostok I remember there was even like 3 seconds where he managed to get control of the body too right?

  3. He’s not merging with anyone, he’s leaving. There was a leak for the mid season finale that said Jax will be leaving. Which makes sense now after this cross over. He’ll probably leave to “find his purpose in life” or stay with Stein’s family.


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