[spoilers] Supergirl 3×11 Sneak Peak #1


[spoilers] Supergirl 3×11 Sneak Peak #1

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  1. I am loving this season of Mon-El, the maturity, the way he’s nervous but also accepting to send his wife and his ex (someone he still cares about) off into Space with two villains one of which he doesn’t know of. His reaction to Livewire’s comment vs how he would’ve acted last season is incredible. They’ve really stepped up with this Mon-El and I am pleasantly surprised. There was no stupid comments from him and no trying to stop the woman he loves from going on this mission, no trying to guilt them both into staying, he gave advice to his wife and then let her go with Kara and the others. A huge improvement. He didn’t try his season 2 “No, I don’t want you to go, blah blah” usual misogynistic bs.

    And I was not a fan of season 2 Mon-El and was wary when Chris Wood said he would be a different character and a real hero, but I’m seeing what he meant now.

  2. I wonder if Livewire would still call him cosplay if she stucked around long enough to see him in his suit.

    Maybe something will happen by the end of the episode that will make her remember Winn, right now she’s S1 Cat Grant.


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