[Spoilers] Theory about Rip…


First, lets start by saying since Season 1, Rip has been having a bit of a mid-life crisis… He lost his family, he “set the building on fire” with his old job, lost his Captain position in season 2, and is now trying to find his purpose in life…

What is a Time Master to do? Rip goes off on his own and does what he does best… Invents a bunch of temporal tech while creating the Time bureau in an effort to find meaning again.

So given the fact that Rip is obsessed with stopping Mallus, has a lot of time on his hands while imprisoned, and the Legends have just lost Firestorm… Here comes the theory.

After Rip’s prison break… Rip will return to the Legends bringing some game changing time tech to the table and finally finding his role on the team again as Beebo’s new champion…

…Or at the very least have a future version of Rip contact the Legends and orchestrate his escape from the Time Bureau (while dressed as a Centurion since we haven’t had enough 4th wall breaks this season).

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  1. Rip’s ot the sort of person who is ever going to truly belong to any team or organization because the minute he disagrees about something, he’ll take off, betray them and do what he likes without hesitation. Really, that is why the time masters had him assemble the Legends in the first place, and he’s never really shown any signs of becoming trustworthy. I can’t imagine Sara ever trusting him again because she sees that now.

    I think it’s most likely that something Rip does to try and stop Mallus winds up turning him into Mallus instead. Or maybe he already is and doesn’t realize it yet, which is why he is so obsessed about it. Rip’s got a lot of anger built up and I could see him becoming the big bad of a season easier than I could see him ever really coming back to the Waverider full time.

  2. That’s not a bad theory. This could explain why Mallus needs the Legends. He needs the legends to make Rip go crazy. This would make Mallus exactly like savitar


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