(spoilers) What is up with Lucifer’s “sunburn”?


I haven’t seen it discussed much here, but after thinking about that S03 opening shot in the desert, I’m starting to wonder whether his “devil face” has actually been healed, and what we saw were the remnants of those burns. It doesn’t make sense that it would be actual sunburn, as he’s immortal out in the desert. [Taking a closer look at the damage, it does look a lot like old scars and burns](https://imgur.com/a/FyArj). There’s more going on here. Were his wings actually “healed” rather than just returned?
Looking at the flash in his eyes last episode, it was quite different to what we’re used to – more of a orangey gold than hellfire. Thoughts?

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  1. Yeah, I wondered the same thing when I saw him out there. There’s no reason why he’d be burned and peeling. And we know he isn’t that heavily scarred, from all the times he’s taken his shirt off. And we know from times after that the marks are gone.

    I wouldn’t say his wings were “healed”, unless they suddenly have a habit of healing again and again when he keeps trying to cut them off.

    And yes, his eyes aren’t as dark red as before. And there seems to be a glimmer of silver to them. Personally, I think he’s starting to take on more of the role he was originally intended for, his Angelic role he rebelled against once upon a time. And that’s why he’s getting more angelic and less devilish traits.

  2. could just be that being knocked out while around chloe left him in a bit of a more vulnerable state than he normally is when chloe isn’t around, so until he woke up he was still able to be damaged and thus, burnt, by the sun.

  3. I wondered about the same thing. Originally I thought the explanation, of whom attacked him, would resolve this, but then it didn’t. According to Pierce it was just some random guy who knocked Lucifer out, who could only do it because Chloe was still near enough. No supernatural anything. So yeah, he shouldn’t have been affected by the sun at all.


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