The finale


I know we’re a ways from the finale, but I just got this feeling that the mystery of

“This house is bitchin”

Will be resolved in the finale. and it’s going to be completely random and serve no actual plot point.


(If this has been said before I couldn’t find it, nor did I admittedly look hard)

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  1. Maybe Don will also show up, and while talking to his sister, will comment on how old and shitty their Grandpa’s house is, but then Dawn will say, “are you kidding? This house is bitchin.” And then Cisco will freak out.

  2. Isn’t Joe getting a new house? Or are they staying there and going to renovate? Could allude to them?

  3. I think at the end of the season we will find out that the speedforce storm from the end of season 3 will come back into play and flash and friends discover that their has been a huge surge in speedsters and barry has to train them all like from the comics and then maybe we can get godspeed. But this theory is just based off of the first episode of the current season where barry got out of the speedforce and said something along the lines of “i dont get it i thought you said their wouldnt be any residual effects”


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