[Theory] Speculation about season 3’s storylines


I have some speculation off of what we can expect from season 3 of *Daredevil*, and that’s with what storylines will get focus. I think that the main storylines that season 3 will focus on will be Matt’s story, Karen’s story (with Foggy bridging those two), the FBI story with Wilson Bethel’s character, and Fisk/Vanessa.

I also think season 3 will also be a story with a lot of breathing room, returning to having just ONE main antagonist (Fisk) and also going back to the street level roots that made season 1 successful. Season 2 had its moments, but it also suffered from having so much get crammed into it to the point that Matt seemed to be overshadowed in his own show.

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  1. I think born again will be a big influence for season three, I’d also like to see bullseye in season three

  2. i think it will take parts of born again and the murdock papers.

    i hope matt will be homeless for a while, and that he will try to keep himself away from foggy and karen. matt will also grow a beard. he will claim he knows what’s best forkaren and foggy even though they’re adults capable of deciding that for themselves. there will be whiny manpain (which i find hilarious for some reason)

    (EDIT if he cries in an alley wearing a blue puffy coat i will die happy. it would rival sad matt with a balloon from season one for most unintentionally funny scene.)

    would be fun if matt went to a superhero support meeting like he did in decalogue.

    maggie will be there and i think they will change her backstory.

    karen won’t be a heroin addict (but will possibly have some drug history), and there is no chance they will ever kill her off based on how they have changed her character and her importance.
    i think there is a risk they will kill foggy off, either for real or in some witness protection type plot. unfortunatley the tv show has made him the least important plot-wise out of the main characters. (which i feel it’s a shame cause he’s my favorite character in daredevil, ymmv)

    i also hope there will be some breathing room, with just fisk as the one antagonist. he might hire some ppl, and have some gangster interatction though.

    bullseye might be in it, i would prefer if he wasn’t.


  3. I really hope they don’t do the part in Born Again where Fisk ruins Matt’s life and he becomes homeless. Matt’s ruined his own life. We don’t need more of that.


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