THEORY When Cain can be killable?


Cain can’t be killed because he doesnt want to live. What if he ‘ll start to want to be alive.

My theory is that when cain will find a reason to live for example he falls in love with Chloe he will be able to be killed. But then he won’t be willing to die.

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  1. But hasn’t it been implied that Cain has loved many times before?

    I get that Chloe is special, but special enough to make Cain love like he hasn’t in all eternity? I don’t think so.

    I think like someone else suggested it will have to be through Lucifer and Lucifer’s actions

  2. Maybe he won’t die in this season.. tom welling said that he hopes to be in season 4… he just gave us a spoiler??

  3. I thought it might be Ella, not Chloe. That’s why they made such a big deal out of her being upset with, then hugging Cain.

  4. Cain has loved before. He didn’t always want to die. He wants to die because he’s tired of seeing the people he loved die.

    Chloe is probably going to be the reason he can be killed though, it would suck if it was because of love though

  5. I don’t think the writers are letting him die in the end, that wouldn’t be the “normal” way in this show.

    Maybe they’re going to have is curse removed in the end but he’ll have found a will to live a normal life (allow himself to get attached to others, getting older, etc.) and just live it.

  6. The thing is Cain wasn’t a bad dude earlier in the season. He’s built up to be a man with a bad past who over a long time reformed, yet he can’t escape his punishment.

    In recent episodes, it’s shown that Cain is definitely still evil, and the sympathetic character we met before is just an act to get what he wants, and he is more than willing to hurt people to get in his way. Now, Lucifer has promised to kill him and demonstrated a very strong protective disposition towards Ella, which brings 2 Lucifer rules into play. The 1st, he always keeps his word, so he will definitely kill Cain, and 2nd, he is vengeful.

    With no strong villains in this season, I think Cain will end up being the antagonist, hurt Ella in some way, and Lucifer will go full devil and kill him, likely with very contrived means.

  7. I agree with thekingofbeans42. I think Cain will hurt Ella in some way and Lucifer will do him in, and I think in killing Cain, Lucifer will drive a wedge between himself and Chloe who had been shown to be interested in Pierce. Sets things up for some serious drama next season with the two of them at odds and Amenadiel and Linda trying to get Lucifer to chill out, given the anger I’m sure he’ll feel at being snubbed by Chloe

  8. Pretty sure this would never happen, but if it’s the mark that keeps him here and getting rid of it would reverse that…. Well, it’s on his arm. Remove the arm.

    Of course, considering the multitude of ways he’s tried to do himself in over the years, chances for success are low.

  9. I don’t get Cain. He is such a flat and wooden character, and I guess that is supposed to show his exhaustion with life and existing too long.

    He has a file on everyone; he knew that Lucifer was vulnerable in the presence of Chloe, so he attempted suicide by being shot when Chloe was there, and it didn’t work. So he was just going to leave.

    Even making Ella cry–it wasn’t with evil intent, it was just him being snappish.

    It all adds up to <yawn>….

    He doesn’t seem terribly evil, Ella keeps telling us he is hot, but really? He isn’t suave or sophisticated or even funny; what makes him attractive?

    I remember other shows with immortal characters and they were either secretive (Forever) or they just didn’t give a damn and talked all the time about past lives (New Amsterdam) and Pierce/Cain doesn’t do or say anything different or exciting or even interesting. He just keeps files on people and tries to die.

    The first murderer, and he has lived since Adam and Eve: that alone sounds intriguing, and yet, he’s not.

    I guess I don’t really care what happens to him; I find him a bit of a distraction. So, as interesting as your, and other theories have been, I find it difficult to get excited about it.

    I wish that weren’t true.

  10. I think it would have to be through some kind of reckoning with his dead brother. Forgiveness maybe?

  11. I assumed it was for Lucifer to ask his father’s for help.

    If Lucifer will admit he is sorry for his past transgressions and ask for Cain to be removed from suffering. I assume that is the only way Cain will be allowed to die.


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