To anyone still hoping for MCU movie big names stopping by, watch this absolute cringe fest towards the end (at around 2:50)


To anyone still hoping for MCU movie big names stopping by, watch this absolute cringe fest towards the end (at around 2:50)

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  1. God, that was awful. Clark trying to keep a smile broke my heart. He was obviously hurt. He loves his show so much.

    Maybe if Jimmy had asked “would any of you make a *guest appearance* on the show” instead of “be a part of the show”, their reaction wouldn’t have been this bad?

    In any case, really, I’m one of the fans who doesn’t care if the movies ever acknowledge the TV shows. I’d be happy if there was a mention of AoS on other Marvel shows – and vice-versa -, but pittance from the movie side? I’ll pass.

  2. It was more tongue-in-cheek. Clark knows well enough the bureaucracy of it all is out of their hands. Evans was clearly drunk and the others didn’t know what they could actually say. This doesn’t mean they couldn’t be integrated into the AoS show easily with their characters. Jeremy Renner has said multiple times he’d be game to show up or to get a Netflix show but it all comes down to money and support from Marvel to do it.

  3. They were all drunk and unprepared. I think part of it was them not even being sure if they were allowed to answer the question.

  4. I remember seeing this. It kind of reveals the truth behind the facade of actors. These people are stil in the lime light and are even stunned that someone act like they’d ever set foot on a TV show. They seriously have to think for a minute to even respond, and that response is make it a big joke. No real answer about hollywood politics or anything else.

  5. I don’t mind them not doing any TV cameos but the other way around should be feasable. TV actors often get small roles in Hollywood movies. Emily Vancamp is mostly a TV actress, isn’t she?

    It wouldn’t have hurt to have some of the TV’s agents in the helicarrier in AoU. Or shoot some scenes of the Netflix crew reacting to what’s happening during some big Infinity War related thing in NY just like they do for random bystanders.

  6. I hate that they put Gregg into this situation. From what I can see, they are missing out – this show is amazing TV, and generally TV is a better medium these days for developing awesome characters.

    Movies rarely provide that depth.

  7. Series finale have a couple show up, even Agent Hill style Skype call works, just to give it a proper send off.

  8. I was so crestfallen when I saw this, because even back then I was pretty sure something would never happen. T_T

  9. I wouldn’t want the movie actors to reprise their roles on the show I’d much prefer it the other way around…


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