Trish, my god what the hell happened to this character? My take after binging all 13E.



I loved Trish in s1, the supportive friend who for very rational reasons became paranoid and learned to protect herself. She was wealthy, powerful, famous, etc. She clearly had her own emotional issues but she knew her place in everything and recognized how despite JJ powers she had a profoundly messed up life and that her powers just drew in more problems than they could ever solve.

[Spoiler S2 E1-13] (#js “JJ spoiler”)

But season 2? Her entire character is centered around this inferiority complex she abruptly develops right in episode 1 that you basically saw 0 indication of in the 1st season. Suddenly, her relationship with Griffin made her despise what her career had become. She saw Griffins action as a ME news correspondence as truly “helping” and made her envious and childish to the point of causing basically everything in s2 to unfold.

Besides her odd 180, much of the issues in the season seemed recycled from s1. Her addiction to the inhaler was meant to symbolize broader drug addiction similar to that of heroin, but thats what Malcolm’s character was for in the 1st part of season 1. Nevermind that near the end of S1 when she takes Simpsons pills she almost immediately OD’s and spends an episode incapacitated. How does she not recognize the danger of consuming these military purpose drugs? How does someone with such a obvious drug abuse issue successfully go cold turkey within half an episode after the inhaler runs out?

Other examples of reused plot points: JJ constantly being involved and ending up near murders is exactly what happened again and again in s1. Dorothy, the conflicted character whose captured by police and eventually makes it out just to die an episode later is basically a reuse and alteration of Hopes character in s1. The constant police presence and them NEVER believing her and the cheesy anti-abilities bias is just so overused in both seasons.

Basically the entire season season was Trish descending into insanity and this absolutely compulsive obsession to stop something even JJ had accepted and moved past. I was honestly expecting the turning point and reclamation of Trishs character when JJ told both Trish and Malcolm what had happened and that killer was HER MOTHER. But again, as if the directors want us to hate Trish, they had her kill JJs mother right in front of her? What kind of absolutely mental character development is that? In that way could anyone ever forgive a friend for that regardless of the situation? Especially when Trish being her sister for so many years knew how the loss of her family was the worst part of her life, the constant feeling of being alone. How Trish brought herself to kill JJs only remaining family right in front of her like that, in the one childhood location JJ had confinded in her is completly morbid. Regsrdless of the fact that she said she was doing it to help her her actions were competly selfish. Its almost as if the directors recognize how bizarre it was that Trish felt that SHE had to kill Dorothy. “It didnt have to be you”

I think the worst issue lies right there, in s1 you understood %100 why Killgrave needed to be stopped. With Dorothy, particularly near the end of the season you understood her situation, that she was a product of experimental testing and profound mental illness but was finally finding peace through helping people and reconnecting with her daughter. Nothing about the protagonist-antagonists relationships made sense after the Dorothy reveal. You didnt hate her, you likely didnt really dislike her.

Now to make it all worse, Trish now of course has super powers and will likely become Hellcat or something. I really cant think of any way her character can be reclaimed in any way unless she becomes the antagonist in s3. Although JJ had little character development in s2 I truly hope she dosent somehow move on and forgive Trish for murdering her mother like that.

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  1. I am finding Trish pretty annoying.

    I think though it’s more so because this season is just dragging out so bad. I’m only up to episode 5 (I’ve read ahead though and know how it ends) and feels like I’ve spent 20 hours watching the show.

    Maybe if I had rewatched season 1 I would feel Trishs arc flow a bit better. But really it just feels like so much has been thrown in with her, like it was the Jessica and Trish show rather than Jessica Jones. Are they setting Trish up to be the next villain? If so can’t help but feels that’s pretty cliche especially for a marvel property. Like seriously quite a few of their shows and movies seem to have it be that a villain is someone the hero trusted or was close too.

    All in all I’m only 5 eps in and kinda already over Trish. Slow pacing isn’t helping.

  2. I thought the season was good and I thought what they did with Trish was awesome.

    I don’t like predictable story lines. I did not see this arc from Trish at all.

    She has showed flashes of this side of her. Last season when she took the drug, and she felt so empowered. Of course there was a negative side effect. She even agreed to help Jessica with her plan to defeat kilgrave. She’s wanted to be a hero. She also already had a drinking problem I believe so it’s not unbelievable to see her have a problem with a new drug.

    And I would like to see her a villain going forward.

    I do agree with not wanting Jess to just forgive her.

    All in all, I thought season 2 was really good. Season 1 was better but that’s cause Kilgrave was so amazing. I honestly expected season 2 to dip in quality just because he wasn’t there.

  3. Trish always had an aggressive streak. If I were constantly being infantalized and treated like an ornament, I’d want people to be scared of me, too. [S1 spoilers] (#js “Lets remember, this was the same character who slept with her recently brainwashed attacker, swallowed combat enhancers she knew nothing about, picked a fight with a mass murderer on public airwaves, and jumped into a small riot with only noise-cancelling headphones as protection.”) I think we all assumed she was sort of girly best friend in distress for the tomboy hero to save, but the signs had always been there.

    Moreover, I think this is still a Noir franchise where everyone plays the villain and victim at some point (Kilgrave notwithstanding). I’m excited that this previously underused character has made big, terrible, mistakes and would like to see what happens once she’s outside her comfort zone.

  4. Idk I’ll make a post about that topic too probably but I feel like with her they tried too hard pushing that “women are strong and independent and they can try and solve everything by themselves” narrative.

    Made me cringe most of the time but let’s be honest, trish was only good cause she supported jessica through the whole of kilgrave

  5. Making Trish’s character flaws become the obsessions that costs Jessica everything she cares for is some fucking outstanding storytelling in my opinion. Trish was one of my fav characters in season 1 and I was riveted to the screen watching her become the villain. But it’s all shades of grey right, she is trying to do the heroic thing. She’s he hero of her own story, just the villain of Jessica’s.

    I thought it was amazing acting/storytelling/writing, and it made me hate what I thought was my favourite character in the show whilst all the while hoping she’ll stop this madness and be herself again.

    I hated her and I love it.

    I pray to god they get a season 3. I am utterly bereft the way season 2 ended and it’s rare a show can make you feel like that. Total roller coaster.

  6. Nothing happened to her. She has the same qualities she always had. Fans bitching about this supposed 180, apparently didn’t pay her that much attention during S1.

  7. I disagree. I loved Trish’s character arc. I thought it was very clever.

    It explores very reasonable inferiority and jelously that any “sidekick” of a person with super powers would feel. It’s perfectly reasonable for Trish to feel as though it’s unfair that Jessica has powers. Especially as Jessica often makes Trish feels weak and helpless. Jessica can be rather ungrateful about her powers, and for somebody like Trish, that seems very unfair. “If I had those powers, I’d be grateful and I’d use them much better”. I’m sure many people in the Marvel universe feel like that. Why couldn’t Trish be the one to get powers? It’s not fair. There’s a bunch of overpowered people in the world that Trish and all the ordinary people like her stand absolutely no chance against, and there’s nothing they can do.

    I hope Trish’s jealousy and bitterness grows and she eventually becomes Jessica’s arc nemesis.

  8. she is the worst part of the show so far in season 2 (i’m up to episode 6)

    every scene with her in it irritates me almost to the point of turning off the show

  9. The Trish story line was a lot of build up based on S1s idea of Jessica saving her over and over. She created this obsession of being the hero, but I think the final episode was to let her character boil down to finally being the one to save Jessica.

    Personally, I felt a lot of subplots were overly stretched and had lackluster conclusions if any conclusion at all. But from Trish saving Jessica to her finally admitting she didnt know if she was a hero, was the best conclusion.

  10. Tell me about it Trish was so fucking cringe this season I has to fast forward to the end of season 10-11 in hopes she was going to just die already


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