[Wayward Sisters] So wait…


In “The Bad Place” Patience gets a vision of Jody getting stabbed, but then it suddenly became a vision of Claire supposedly dying. Like did they decide after “The Bad Place” was made to replace Jody as the focus with Claire before shooting “Wayward Sisters”? There was literally no mention of Patience’s vision of Jody dying.

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  1. No. Patience just didn’t get the full vision. She got it in bits and pieces. All she saw was a stomach getting stabbed then Claire looking dead in Jodi’s arms so she assumed it was Claire that died. Later we see everything play out. Claire was looking dead cause she was distraught seeing Kaia die and Jodi was comforting her

  2. During the latest episode, Jody considers going through the portal for a long moment but doesn’t. Then Claire is determined to go through to save Sam and Dean, and then at the last moment brings Kaia with her. My feelings are, if Jody had gone through, she would have been the one to get killed by the spear, if Claire had gone alone, she would have died, but because she brought Kaia, Kaia took the injury and died in her place. I don’t think Patience’s visions are set in stone: I think she saw a mixture of different future possibilities, but had trouble understanding them as they kept changing around, because what was going to happen wasn’t set in stone.

    Towards the end of the episode, when Claire is crying in Jody’s arms, you see Patience’s vision (or memory of her vision) briefly reconcile itself with reality: she sees Claire injured/dying in Jody’s arms overlayed with Claire crying in real time.


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