We’re making a daredevil short film (gif relevant); what sets apart good fan films from crap ones?


We’re making a daredevil short film (gif relevant); what sets apart good fan films from crap ones?

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  1. You need lighting other than the stuff already in the environment. Proper lighting will help immensely when it comes to color grading/correction.

  2. Camera angles, dialogue, acting.

    All I do is watch short fan films so I know what looks good and what looks bad, and trust me you gotta know what you’re working with. It’s all subjective, but dynamic shots will make it at least look better

  3. To be clear, the gif is footage from our project, though it hasn’t been color-corrected or edited in any way. I just thought it was funny.

  4. Acting.

    I’ve seen so many fan films with incredible effects and camera work and stuff but the acting is always so bad.

  5. What camera are you using?

    During fight scenes be sure to avoid the fight scene style where the camera just kind of shakes around near the actors and your mind does the rest. I feel like I see that in a lot of fan films. I also see a lot of static shots with the actors telegraphing their attacks so openly that a blind man could see them coming. Daredevil uses a lot of camera movement during the fights and planning out some of those types of shots could really help sell it.

    What is in frame and what isn’t, whatever improvised lighting you may need, angle, depth of field, and smooth camera movement should be considered and planned before every shot. Obviously the basic stuff like white balance and other camera settings are important but since the color grading is so intense on something like this I wouldn’t stress as hard over it. I liked the color grade that you posted in another comment and definitely think you’re on the right track.

    I don’t know how you’re planning on doing the audio but I would just do it all in post and not try and use any natural sound. Too many fan films use the audio from the on-board mic which means you can hear all the grunts, breaths, and echos that occur. Doing ADR is your best bet and would really make the production seem less “fan like”.

    Acting is, of course, another huge factor but is much harder to fix. Generally people are either good or they aren’t any unfortunately you can’t do a whole lot about it other than give really good direction.

    Send me a link once it’s done! I’m really excited to see it!

    Source: I watch a lot of fan films and do video production for a living.


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