What does Mallus want with the Legends


Every anacrinisms that the legends have encountered has some kind of personal connection to the Legends.

Caesar in Aruba: brought the Legends back together. Somehow that didn’t register on the time bureau’s detectors

Sabortooth tiger: brought Vixen back on the team

Zari: kuwassa is Amaya’s other granddaughter and resurrected after vixen rejoins the team

Damien dahrk: sore spot for Sara as well as forcing rip to be arrested as well as Stein’s ancestor

Young Ray: what are the odds

Grodd: out off thousands of soldiers in Vietnam Mick happens to run into his dad

Beebo: what are the odds young Stein would be displaced so soon after he died.

Even Jax acknowledged this pattern. Mallus has a plan for the legends but what is it? Any suggestions?

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  1. It would make sense if Mallus can only be freed by totems/totem bearers. We have like at least four totem bearers involved in the plot at this point.

    Going and targeting the Legends and their ancestors ensures that they’re busy with that. It could all just be a distraction from Mallus collecting totems.

  2. I’m guessing that it’s something to do with how the legends fixing anachronisms might make it easier to be freed? Maybe he’s banking on the personal connection causing one of them to allow the changed timeline to cement, which somehow frees him. It’d be kinda darkly fitting to learn that he was the one who alerted the earth x nazis to invade, causing Steins death, in hopes that Jax would try to change time to save him.

  3. He’s using the team to perform some sort of hypertime-ritual to pull himself into this earth’s timeline.

    He will then do the traditional, ‘rewrite reality in his image,’ type plot that every time traveling bad guy wants in the end.


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