What happened to Emmanuel’s Wife?


Emmanuel or Castiel Season 7 when Dean kills that Demon.

I can’t remember and don’t have the time to to watch the series a 5th time lmao.

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  1. I mean, how did any of that subplot happen? All we know is that Daphne was strolling through the woods one day, came across a naked dude, and married him. What?

    Cas went crazy shortly after regaining his memory, but after Purgatory, did he find Daphne and give her some closure? How did she react to the whole missing-husband issue in the first place?

    Was she just very, very stoned during this whole time period, and gave no fucks? To quote the infinitely wise Kevin Tran, “WHAT’S HAPPENING?!”

  2. Does Castiel remember what happened during that period? It’s strange that when he was thinking about the innocent human lives that he had affected, he was only thinking about Jimmy’s family.

    That whole subplot was weird. I mean Castiel clearly was still displaying all his angelic traits and abilities during that period. So Daphne met this naked guy who had no memory, and who didn’t need to eat, didn’t sleep, didn’t need to shower, didn’t need to use the bathroom, had super strength, had special abilities such as seeing through disguises and healing, etc. and she just… married him? And I vaguely remember she said something like God wanted her to meet Emmanuel? So did she just assume God took Emmanuel back without asking questions? I mean I assume she was human, did she have special abilities? Did Chuck tell her something?


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